A Message That Cannot Be Ignored.

Last Updated: Tuesday 19th February 2008

©David Wharmby.

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Many of you can possibly relate to the names of Colin Fry, David Thompson and possibly even myself, indeed many of you may have been fortunate to see one of us demonstrate and hear the voice of Spirit as they speak to us, bringing, laughter, love and upliftment.
Through many of the demonstrations we have heard the voice of Magnus as he speaks through Colin Fry, William as he speaks through David Thompson and even Joe or Isaac who have spoken through myself to audience’s gatherings and groups and through the voice of Spirit each have, on many occasion spoken quite freely about our World and indeed our responsibilities within our World.

We live in a World which seemingly has lost direction, this is easily reflected by the evidence of what goes on in our World each and every day, many of us continually ask if it will ever change, how can it change and how those changes can occur. A clear example of this has been spoken by many Spirits, they have told us that it is mankind themselves who have brought the World into its condition, indeed how our forefathers now in Spirit have left to us a legacy of mass destruction and for this they all feel the sorrow it has brought.
But to bring about these changes the onus is now upon us and those who follow us, for although Spirit do as much as they can, they cannot directly make the alterations, these have to be done through us, they do however offer to us direction and guidance to follow in order to set in motion the changes of restoration , restoration to a World were none of us need live in fear but into a World of love and harmony, all united together as one, for and if we are united in Spirit as one, why do we have the difficulty to do so whilst here in the physical World.

Through a vast array of recorded sittings I have all too often heard the question, “ How can we make our world a better place to live in” and the answer is always the same.................uniting together in a World of Love, you then hear words of agreement uttered but as we look around our World today we still seem to be no further forward.

A question also asked of William through David Thompson was that of Jesus Christ and his role to which William answered that Jesus was a messenger of Spirit, when further asked if there were any messengers today in our World he answered yes, but could not verify as to whom they were.

So who are these messengers and what message do they carry from Spirit, indeed though would we accept them as messengers or people who you might look upon as having mad ravings.
The messengers are ordinary people like you and I who have connected with Spirit through time, many heard the message but did not understand it, did not know how to set it in motion or even decided to leave it to another, but what of those who did implement it.

Since the Millennium we all have to agree that Spirit and Spirit existence has been
brought to the forefront of mankind, be it through media, television and film or through magazines like the one you hold, we have noted initially an influx in the Spiritualist Churches, we see more and more people seeking to find an answer, seeking to find a light within the darkness of today.

Many seem to be still sitting and waiting for something of an immense divine apocalypse, many seem to be waiting for God to make a direct appearance or for Christ's second coming, but what if this has already taken place in some way and you missed it, did you miss it or simply ignore it for you felt what you were hearing couldn't be it?.

These are questions that have been set by many people who no doubt will continue to do this very thing, but Spirit have clearly spoken that if we desire to see a change then it is up to us to begin uniting as one, working as one in order to do so.

Like any project that is undertaken plans have to be set in place, foundations have to be laid and this has begun. In 2006 a World Spiritual event took place, an event that began uniting people together to give aid to Spirit and to our World itself, for it was a time that showed that if we can gather in such a manner then we could unite for all time for Spirit.

The event I speak of many of you already are aware of it is known as Parafest, it is an event that Spirit brought forth to be organised to give aid to help Passover as many Spirits that for varying reasons have not as yet crossed over into the Light. Our uniting together in this manner enabled us to generate an energy of pure love the World over to give assistance at this time, but it wasn't enough.
We were told that we would need to repeat this event a total of four times for and as each event drew near, more would finally understand what was happening and unite alongside us as has proven thus far to be correct.

In 2006 the UK joined with the USA, Canada and New Zealand and now in 2008 already we have seen growth in the USA, Australia have united with us as has Holland, Brazil and India, for the bigger the gathering the greater the love and light that will be created. These events are not just merely to give aid to the passing over of Spirit but they are also a time in which Healers who channel Spirit in this capacity can now also give Healing directly to Mother Earth herself.

As Brothers and Sisters of Spirit, to see a change in our World we together have to make these changes and as we grow we will begin to get heard, we will begin to stand out more and more than ever before and united together we can make a difference.
So Spirit are appealing to you to take on board what you have already been given many times before, the words are clear and not of a raving madman, are you now ready to act for Spirit and for yourselves.............


David Wharmby

David Wharmby