EFT Gives the Green Light for A Driving Ambition

Last Updated: Sunday 24th February 2008

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Emotional Freedom Therapy

Emotional Freedom Therapy [EFT] has been gaining more and more publicity with the likes of Paul McKenna using it and promoting it in the public eye. One of the main reasons that EFT was discovered was to get to the root of issues quickly and reduce, if not eliminate them once and for all.
It works on the principle of Acupuncture with no needles; instead tapping is applied to the meridian energy points on the face and hands. It is built on a statement which says “ the cause of negative emotions is a disruption in the bodies energy system” this means that no matter what the issue is there is a deep rooted emotional disruption which if taken out of the equation can make a huge difference and remove the blockage.

Since its discovery it has been used for all types of anxiety as well as physical ailments that stem from emotional disturbance in the body. It would appear to have no barriers or limitations as to what it can be tried on.

It was the brain child of American Gary Craig who discovered it while working with Dr Roger Callaghan as a student when at that time it was Thought Field Therapy [TFT].
It works on two principles, firstly, meridian energy pathways in the body which are said to hold negative blocks and disturbed energy relating to various issues in our life. By tapping on various points along these pathways, this creates a release of the problem for the client.

Secondly working on reverse psychology, as the client accepts there issue the energy is released and with it the problem. At this point the energy can now flow freely as it was intended to and client can resume a more normal state.
It is initially hard for the client to accept that the condition they arrived with has either diminished or in many cases gone completely.
The therapy has been clinically tested and reported to have an 80 % - 90% success rate for clients.

Founder Gary Craig encourages it to be used for anything and everything. He encourages people to be sceptical of this simple technique that stops emotional issues in there tracks, but as we all know if it’s too simple surely it can’t work? Or can it? Well the only way to know is to try it for your own issues to see.

I personally have used the technique on many levels for instance; physical, spiritual and emotional but, a fascinating area for me is one where people are going to sit their driving test. Having worked with a few individuals who have just went to pieces when it came to their actual driving test the results have been amazing.

One recent story actually goes beyond the normal driving test to someone who was going to sit their instructors test. Having failed the first two attempts the next one was their last try, if they failed this time they would need to leave it for a year before trying again.

When I began working with James it became apparent that there were a few things that were holding him back. Firstly he told me that prior to his last test he took a cold which went into a chest infection and never really lifted after a few courses of anti biotic. It seem to debilitate him and leave him lacking in energy so I worked with him on this and within 10 minutes the cough that he had just seemed to stop as did the tight feeling he had around his torso.

On further questioning I discovered that there was a deep rooted fear that if he passed he would then be looking long term at starting his own business. This would mean eventually moving from a steady income to the unknown and that if he failed then this fear would be taken away and he could go back into his comfort zone.

I explained that although the fear would be taken away that he would never achieve a long time dream and that also at some point would come back to haunt him. We worked with the EFT on this area and almost immediately he said that he felt this all lifting as if there was now an excitement around the whole thing as there had been at the very beginning.

All in all we had 3 sessions, the last one being the day prior to his test. He called me the very next day delighted to tell me he had passed. Such a simple tool and yet it was able to tackle the deep underlying issues that blocked James from his dream. Now he has a whole new start ahead of him and the next chapter of his life which is about to emerge.

James is one of a few individuals who have come for EFT to help calm them down before going for their test and with each one it has worked its magic.

Now that James is firmly “on the road” with his new career you can reach him on; McLelland School of Motoring, mob; 07957631543

For more information on getting your Green Light for your Driving Test contact; Joan Charles, 07930697229

Joan Charles

Joan Charles

For the past 25 years I have worked in both public and private sectors providing intuitive and personal development. I was previously the Sunday Post columnist providing the weekly star signs and psychic post bag and am a regular contributor to the media on the subject, working with various magazines and newspapers.

I have also worked in theatres in the UK providing psychic and spiritual demonstrations to the public.

My background in alternative health, and includes therapies such as Aromatherapy, Psychotherapy,
Cognitive therapy, Reiki and EFT. When working with my clients I utilize and draw on my skills and expertise to provide them with the best positive outcome for there well being.

My clients come from all walks of life, from business and professional areas, to anyone who has reached
a point in there life where they need some form of help in finding the way forward that�s right for them.

There is something for everyone on the list of services from the person who needs to just chill out and
relax, to the client who has some deep issues physical or emotional. To those who want to tap into the psychic or spiritual realms to see what lies before them. It can be as intense as is necessary or simple just for pleasure. The most important thing is that it is right for you.

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