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Hi Everyone -

Betsy Chasse is releasing a new documentary called Water. I think this film is so important that I'm doing what I can to promote it on my own time.

Here's a brief review:

We fill our coffee mugs, sports bottles, and swimming pools with it. We use it in manufacturing, rely on it for hydropower, and for cooling nuclear reactors. We wash the car, the house, the dog, and the dishes with it. Water is the most mysterious and vital substance on Earth. But it’s obvious from the way we treat it that we don’t really get the vital importance of this deeply exploited resource.
The film Water, however, just might shift our indifference. Through a series of interviews with leading water researchers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Israel, the USA, Britain, Austria, Japan, Argentina, China and Tibet, Water brings the extraordinary properties and life-enhancing qualities of H2O to life. It also provides cogent proof that water is a living substance.

Kirlean photography and other spectrographic analyses reveal that water’s energy can be destroyed, not only through pollution, but also through the way we treat and deliver it. Forcing water through metal and plastic pipes curtails water’s natural eddying, spiraling flow and breaks down its life force. Distillation, ozonation, chlorine and other processes destroy its life-giving properties. The “purified” water that fills those plastic bottles we buy is essentially dead. Plants watered exclusively with processed bottled water eventually wither away and die.

Water examines research giving scientific credibility to such deeply criticized healing modalities as homeopathy. It also highlights the work of people like Aloise Gruber, Chzan Guohua, and Masaru Emoto, who have been researching water’s ability to absorb energetic impressions from a wide variety of sources, such as words, prayer, meditation, or electronic frequencies.

Water challenges historical assumptions, and unveils applications of structured water in agriculture, and the use of impressed water in treatment for the most serious of human diseases. The film even cites research that suggests water has the ability to convey messages faster than light, perhaps linking water with the realms of the Absolute.

One of the most important documentaries of our time, Water is a must-see for anyone who is concerned about health and the future of life on planet Earth

My sincere thanks to all of you!

Cate Montana

Cate Montana

From journalism into television production as a videotape editor, working up to the first female technician hired by NBC for live remote sports telecasts, and a really fun career as a freelance editor and slo-mo sports replay technician that lasted 14 years.

Abandoning television, Cate worked part-time as a carpenter, while writing articles for newspapers and magazines. The search for wisdom included two husbands, a Masters Degree in Psychology, studies at Esalen Institute in California, and finally, the Ramtha School of Enlightenment from 1989 to 1998.

A life-long passion for architecture and sustainable building lead to a partnership in a construction company where she does design and marketing and communications work. She also provides marketing services for businesses. Currently she is writing a book titled: "Sexual Evolution: the journey to wholeness."