Using Meditation to Unleash the Book Inside You

Last Updated: Friday 2nd May 2008

©Tom Evans – author, poet & catalyst

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They say there’s a book in everyone but, for most people, the thought of writing a book is so daunting they simply never start. The other main reason people don’t pick up their pen is because they think they don’t have the time.

There is a way though. The human mind is so powerful that your book can virtually write itself without your conscious control – and even while you are sleeping. The key lies in tapping into the Cosmic Mind through the practice of regular meditation.

At first, in a time pressured world, adding 10 to 20 minutes of meditation time to your daily schedule is somewhat counter intuitive, especially if you are planning to add the writing a book to your task list as well. Yet by meditating each day for only 10-20 minutes, you learn how ‘not to think’ at all and you start to unleash untapped creativity trapped inside you. Just a week or so is enough to get amazing results and the benefits start to pay back in regained time in all aspects of your life.

Through the practice of quietening the conscious mind you receive your guiding motivation and start to manifest situations and information in your ‘real life’ to assist you in your writing. In time, the whole process becomes effortless and you find that words come to you without you having to make any conscious intervention. At this point, you become a channeller.

I discovered the ability to do this when I started to write a novel a couple of years ago on the latest thinking in cosmology. I had only been meditating for a few months before I started.

My research into the novel inevitably took me into the field of consciousness. It was becoming clear to me that a better model of the Universe was that it existed because of consciousness of all things and not that consciousness was a phenomenon caused by the Universe.

I had set aside Fridays as my writing days and was amazed as chapters wrote themselves. As I was writing the book, I found I would get the same excitement as I would reading a thriller where you can’t wait for the next chapter to see what happens.

Events I wrote about in the near future, I subsequently found to be true. For example, for my plot I needed Mars to be on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth about 140 years from now. For speed of writing my first draft, I chose a date at random, or so I thought. I then found an online solar system you can set to any date past or future and I was dumbstruck when the Red Planet was just where I needed it to be. Reading the chapters back now as we are heading for publication, I can’t remember writing them.

So what was happening?
As a scientist and engineer, I was sufficiently intrigued to research what was happening to me and how I had turned on this innate ability.

I had been mind mapping for a few years and the whole novel was laid out in a map stretching across a wall. I discovered that this gave the left brain something it was happy with. The left hemisphere tells you not to be stupid, nobody will like what you write and you don’t have time. Faced with the mind map, my left brain was happy that I was doing proper ‘stuff’. My suppressed right hemisphere was seizing on the opportunity and years of aggregated learnings and pent up creativity started to seep out.

Something else was also happening though. I learned that the state I entered when writing was called the hypnagogic state, that lovely point between waking and sleeping. It wasn’t so much that might left hemisphere was laying down and my right taking over. They were working in total harmony – I was ‘whole brain’ thinking.

More research and further personal development took the whole process up another gear again. I underwent a process that connected my unconscious mind with my Higher Self and around the same time bought a small piece of Moldavite.

Now I’ve always had pretty good dreams but placing the small green, panspermic crystal under my pillow unleashed dreams and out of body experiences that were like Hollywood wide-screen movies of cosmic journeys to the next locations in my novel. I started to get whole chapters delivered not just words but in pictures and, most importantly, that elusive ending dropped into my lap.

My research then took me into a more metaphysical area. I was introduced to the concept of the Four Bodies – Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical – and their correlation with the Elements and the Archetypal, Creative, Formative and Material worlds described by the Qabalah.

I looked back into how I’d planned my book to see if I could gain insight into what I was doing.

It had started with an Inspiration from the Spiritual World which I now feel was a message that I had access to important information to be shared. The trigger was reading the Phenomenon of Man by Teilhard de Chardin. Although written about 60 years ago, I felt its idea where so poignant and current that they needed to be reframed to reach a wider audience. I knew that the people that needed to read it would never venture into the Mind, Body and Spirit section of a bookshop or read a book on cosmology, consciousness or evolution.

I had to encapsulate these ideas in an easily readable novel to reach a wider market. I was blessed with technical understanding and a skill that could describe high level concepts in easily digestible terms. The Idea was forming.

Before I could bring it down, I had to clear my Emotional Blocks. I had to create the time to write and the inner belief that people will like it. This catharsis is a vital part of the writing process. A great way to do this is to write short stories and poems and to post them online for review. I even had a trilogy of mine published as a book in its own right.

The book then had to take a Form before it could manifest into the Physical. I had used the wall-sized mind map to give it a structure and the essential momentum to move to this next stage. By seeing it each day as I walked into my office, it embeds itself into the fabric of your being.

The writing then came naturally as, each week, I would get ideas and even more inspiration so when it, my fingers couldn’t move fast enough.

The Cascade of Creativity
What I had chanced across is nothing new. It is old wisdom and I’d rediscovered it and worked out how to use modern tools to make it happen. The process I’d used and encapsulated in a set of mind map templates guides the author how to take the initial inspiration and get it to cascade down to the actual words on paper.

I am still musing on whether the book is merely prescient of the future or in some way causal of it. It seems that words, events, thoughts – past, present and future – seem entangled through the quantum structure of our own minds.

It appears that once we conceive the book we are quantumly entangled with a version of ourselves in the future who has written the book. Or perhaps we link to a reader or the physical book itself. What seems to happen then is that the words you write are drawn to you from this future point in time.

Having embraced and understood the process that I had experienced, events then took an unexpected twist. I was approached by another budding author who asked if I could help her with her book. I could only teach her what I had done and the process I had followed.

I introduced a new sophistication to what I had done and that was getting her to meditate specifically on certain cards in the Major Arcana from the Tarot at salient points in the formation of her book. This has the effect of switching on certain circuitry in the neurology.

The results surprised me as much as her. As she wrote each chapter, events in her life mirror what she is writing about. The Universe was providing her with the information she needed to write her book. She was manifesting. She had only started to channel too but not just words – whole concepts and scenarios.

In subsequent soul retrieval work we’ve carried out, it has since transpired that the writing process we embarked upon has uncovered aspects of the mission assigned to her in the Akashic Records office.

This is an exciting skill that can be taught, learned and passed on. It can also be used in other real world scenarios such as the writing of a sales proposal the customer will just love through to the design of a new product or marketing campaign.

Writing as therapy
I have now worked with many other clients and a theme is emerging that writing a book also has therapeutic benefits. For some authors, drawing on past experiences allows them to be exorcised and released. At the same time, the future self seems to send information and messages back to you in the Now that are just right for you at that time.

Using techniques like Time Line Therapy, these connections with all versions of yourself across time can be made even stronger. All negative emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, for the sum of all past lives can be released in about a two hour session. By doing this, the writer is able to see their experiences more compassionately and integrate them in their writing in a much more holistic way. You are also then able to tap into a rich store of previously repressed memories. Clients who fully release negative emotions seem to experience an enormous increase in their mental performance and recall.

Similarly, by creating a link to the Cosmic Mind through your Higher Self, you create a strong connection with your future selves. It is just possible that all such inspiration actually comes from a future version of you.

If this is the case, it would be foolhardy to ignore these gifts of inner-tuition.


Here’s a channelled poem that may shed some light on ‘how it all works’

Soulwaves - about entanglement
Souls touch
Souls move
Souls love
Touching Souls

Waves roll
Waves break
Waves swell
Rolling Waves

From a single point
Beginning and ending
Massless, chargeless
Gravity unbending

Across countless eons
Full of insight
Traveling the Field
Faster than light

Karmically formed
Purpose unspoken
Once attached
Cannot be broken

Outside Space
Inside Time
Entangled for reasons
Balanced in rhyme

© Tom Evans, 2007

Tom Evans

Tom Evans is Chief Inspiration Officer at Psycademy.

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