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Last Updated: Tuesday 20th May 2008

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The healing qualities crystals has been known about and used for aeons. Although records show that the Egyptians were the first to use crystal healing the Native Americans, India’s Ayruvedic and traditional Chinese medicines have used crystals for their healing properties as well as for meditation and reflection purposes for many thousands of years. Originally known as charm stones, the three categories of rock, namely sedimentary, igneous and metaphoric work on a vibrational energy level. Each category within the three main rock groups possess specific and unique qualities that can be used to cleanse, detox, balance, calm and energise at a vibrational level. The crystal system combined with the chemical make up that produces the multitude of colours is responsible for producing their healing qualities. All crystals contain minerals, but not all minerals contain crystals, never the less both types possess powerful healing qualities. They come in all shapes and sizes. The smaller stones are no more powerful than the large ones and tumbled stones are no better that the ones you find in your garden, so please don’t dismiss that that valuable source just because they are dirty.

Based on the concept that each living organism has a vibrational energy, the structure of crystals enables them to alter energy fields on very subtle levels in a non-evasive way. This means they can be used to alleviate and or heal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual conditions. One of the reasons for this is because they are produced and formed by the movement of the earth, a living breathing entity in her own right. There are seven categories within the crystal systems all of which are based upon 3 dimension geometry, which when applied to any part of the body, interacts with the vibrational energies of that person. When the crystal system is applied to the basic seven Chakras system, which is colour coded, it results in the Chakras being cleansed, de-tox, balanced and rejuvenated. Like wise when placed within the 7 colour coded subtle bodies of the aura. Alternatively crystals can be placed upon one or more of the 500 acupuncture points of the meridians, which run the course of the body. Using the healer as a facilitator, crystals are used to identify dis-ease in the body as well treatment purposes.

They are also safe to use with orthodox pharmaceutical medicines and treatments, medicinal herbs and spices. They are used to healing animals, energise plants and cleanse and energise water and the Ley lines. Crystals are also used for protection (bearing in mind laughter is the greatest protection of all) and support, whether it be cosmic, geopathic environmental or person-to-person stress.

You don’t have to be knowledgeable about crystals to use them, since they work on a vibrational energy level. This means that if you walk into a crystal shop and one jumps out at you, that is the one for you. To begin with, this process is far better than relying on another to tell you what they think you need. Working in this way means you can make a crystal medical chest that tuned to your unique vibrational energy rate and density.

For those who may not have the confidence to work in this manner, here are some crystals that would make an excellent medical chest: Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Garnet, Hematite Herkimer Diamond, Malachite (this stone must not be taken internally or warn against the skin for long periods of time. Adult use only); Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Turquoise. Don’t allow yourself to get carried away and only buy what you can afford. You do need to look after your crystals by cleansing them. This is done by either visualizing them in white light, putting them out in the sun light or putting them in a net bag and placing them in a running stream.

Elizabeth Francis G.ICGT WFH C.BAPs.
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Elizabeth Frances

Elizabeth Francis

A former corporate player in the oil and gas industries, Elizabeth Francis (G.ICGT Con. MBAPS) has achieved a complete turnaround to become an international multi-skilled psychic complementary health therapist. Elizabeth, also known as Stephanie Ni Mhaille, uses her inherent skills of channelling, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to assist people to assist themselves. She is a past and future lives seer, a shaman, a medium, a spell affirmation caster and a remote viewer.

Psychic since birth, Elizabeth has actively worked in the field for 19 years and become one of the country's leading psychics, as well as an international reader. Elizabeth became an independent Psychic Medium in 1998, has worked with Derek Acorah and became a Consultant Member of Russell Grant's BAPS in 2003. Elizabeth has appeared on the Steve Nolan Show, in the Spirit Trap - A Ghost Story documentary and has had articles published in several magazines. Elizabeth is also a complementary health therapist, having gained her qualifications in counseling, anatomy and physiology with the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists in 1997. She is also a Member of the Affiliation of Crystal & Gem Therapists and is qualified as a Bowen Therapist (Grade I).

In 1995, Elizabeth launched her Feng Shui Vibrational Energy Products (VEPs), a range of advanced de-stressing and self-healing products that automatically heal the earth when used. Although a specialized market, these products are now being sold world wide through the web site In 2004 the VEPs were recognised by various Elders of the Aboriginal Council in Australia. Violet, The Law Woman for the entire Aboriginal race and a member of the Central Aboriginal Council, described the VEPs as ‘Awesome' and gave the company permission to promote the VEPs in the Aboriginal Land. The VEPs were the given the “All Clear” on the Elders spiritual network. Even after 10 years, the VEPs are still considered to be at the cutting edge of the complementary and spiritual markets.

Elizabeth says, "To my mind, there are no failures or mistakes, simply learning curves. We all have learning curves to experience - and usually more than once - from different perspectives. But then isn't that what we are all here for, to balance Karma, create Dharma and thereby evolve?"