Summer Solstice Energies

Last Updated: Wednesday 25th June 2008

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Having just come through the Summer Solstice on the 21st of June we are once again at that crucial point where the energy shifts and clears in order for new and fresh elements to come into our lives.

Some of these new energies may challenge us in various ways and yet depending on how we see this challenge there are great things to be achieved if we sweep our house clean, so to speak.

These energies are vibrant and alive with possibilities and wonder and our only limitation is out state of mind and negative beliefs. If we can work on shifting them and attaching to the reality not the illusion then we are well on the way to infinite possibilities.

The world at present is experiencing many shifts and changes itself and this is as a direct result of where we have brought ourselves. The current structures need and, in fact, are, being broken down in order for the new one’s to come through, which is never an easy process. In fact we will all find ourselves faced with our shadow side and having to look at things and in a different way.

The spiritual movement, light-workers and such like, are being tested at the moment with the initiation of new laws and rules which are shaking off the chaff however; the wheat must remain stead fast and do what we can to help others. The ascension time by all accounts is speeding up and we need to be there to assist in every way possible.

We are on the equinox of the evolution of consciousness and as such we need now to focus our attention of our work and raising our own vibration in whatever way feels right to each of us.

Soul consciousness is already at work looking at the tools and energies that we need to work with in alignment with the shifts. We should be connected with this and know at soul level what is happening and be able to assist the process.

One of the latest alignments is in the suggestion of soul-walk-ins which goes like this; for those who have reached a point in their earthly life and feel they have run out of energy at soul level they agree to opt out and another soul agrees to be their walk – in to finish their journey. Now whether you believe this or not in the spiritual sense I can see how it would play out metaphorically in that, you decide at soul level you cannot go on as you are and you opt for some massive changes in order for you to continue on the path.
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These and many more tools are opening up at this time to show us that we need to evolve in order to grow.

Also, the more we all connect the greater the energy we have to help the manifestation of greater things to come to light in the truest sense of the word.

Joan Charles
“Creating a world of possibilities”

Joan Charles

Joan Charles

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