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Last Updated: Sunday 20th July 2008

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Excerpts from Revelation: Joseph’s Message - channelled by Michael G. Reccia

God can be likened to a Heart of Energy, a centre. The human heart is also a centre of energy. The human heart is a reflection, made flesh, of the Nature of God. It is a reflection of the cyclic nature of God-Energy and God-Consciousness.

So little is known about the human heart and the energy chakra that lies within the human heart. It is from this chakra, not from the solar plexus, not from the head, nor from any of the other major energy centres, that the being of the soul pervades the physical body. The seat of intelligence of the soul within the human body is not the head, it is the heart.

The problem is that man thinks from the head and not from the heart. Man needs a re-seating of the intelligence within the human body from the head – which is merely a calculator – to the heart, which proceeds from the Heart of God.

The human heart is a reflection of the Heart and the Nature of God. The human heart is designed to give out – spiritually it is designed to give out and the energy it gives out comes from the God Centre.

The heart is trying to teach the soul in human form – that the key to existence and harmony lies in giving out, an opposite stance to the one your society is taking at present. At the
moment society takes in more than it gives out.

I would also like to talk about cycles today, because the heart beats to a cycle. There is a beat, then there is a gap; a beat and then a gap, and on Earth at the moment you are not living your lives in harmony with this natural cycle, which brings wellbeing to the individualization of God that is the human being and also to all mankind. There has to be, just as there is a cycle in the day – you have day, then you have night – there has to be activity and rest, activity and rest; and your society has reached a time where there is no rest, there is only activity.

There is no daily withdrawal into the heart in order to contemplate God and to recharge the body with love; there is only activity on an outer, superficial level that degenerates and ages the body and corrupts the mind because the body and mind are constantly steeped in the illusion of your world and have no time to recover and heal. This is why you sleep.

Ancient civilisations knew that, in addition to sleep, contemplation was important and silence was paramount in examining the mysteries of life and in bringing forth the energies that are necessary for wellbeing whilst living within a physical shell.

When one shifts one’s consciousness from the head centre to the heart centre, the energies from the heart centre irradiate the physical body and refine it and replenish it. The energies from the thought-centre – the physical, complex, thought centre – are not able to do that. You cannot regenerate the physical body with logic, you have to regenerate it with love. You cannot heal people with logic, you have to regenerate people with love. And love comes not from the head centre, which is analytical, but from the heart centre, which is a mirror image of God.

There has to be a shift away from conventional religion towards spirituality and a more spiritual way of thinking to learn to withdraw, not only from the outside world, but also from the clamour of the inside world that is created by the mechanisms and machinations of the head centre.

Within each human being there is a chamber of peace; and that chamber of peace resides within the heart centre. A meditation that many mystics, shamans, high priests and priestesses used to practice, was one in which they would mentally go within that chamber, and lose themselves to the extent that all they experienced during the meditation, was their pulse as a soul giving out into the physical and etheric universes. That is a lost art. They became – perhaps only for a second during their meditation – pure love. In that instant they were transformed and they were then able to transform others through the energy stream that passed through them and emanated outwards from them. You have lost that ability as a species, and that is the sole reason why there is so much destruction at present.

The head says I Want. The heart says I Give; and the mission we have is to educate people into once again moving themselves into a state of consciousness where they can give. So nothing can ever be lost by giving; no one ever loses energy by giving out from the heart. By the fact that they absorb more God- Energy by giving they become more God-like in thinking, because their thinking is not coming from the futile battleground that is the
human physical mind.

You are living in the shadow of what God’s purpose really is for souls at this time. And the only way to come out of the dark side of this radiation is by shifting consciousness. That is
the task of people who are spiritually motivated at this time; nothing more, nothing less... simply to teach people to think from the heart and not from the head.

Michael regards his book Revelation: Joseph’s Message, as his most important contribution to spiritual awareness to date and contains the channelled words of Joseph, a highly evolved spirit who is deeply concerned with the fate of the Earth. Revelation has a crucial message for humanity and contains a series of challenging revelations about the true nature of life and reality - many of which have never been revealed / fully understood before. With its practical, scientific approach to spirituality, it explains why this World is in the terrible state it's in and the major shift mankind needs to make spiritually in order to save the planet before it is too late. (see for excerpts and further details).

With his life-partner, Jane, he also co-authors a free website offering uplifting spiritual teachings from his guides (

Michael G. Reccia

Michael G. Reccia

Michael G. Reccia
Professional medium, Michael G. Reccia, from Rossendale, UK has channelled spirit communication for over 23 years - during which time he has conducted thousands of private readings, given countless public demonstrations (including trance), held workshops, taught meditation, produced spiritual books and CD’s and is regularly involved in spirit rescue.

He firmly believes that the true importance of spirit communication is not simply to prove evidence of life after death but to provide a blueprint for a better life before death through channelled spiritual teachings that will make a difference to this World.