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Last Updated: Saturday 26th July 2008

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In the present climate where we are threatened day by day by the credit crunch and how it will affect each of us, we fall more into fear factor and what does that mean? syndrome.
Did we not expect this to happen? Were we always to live in a world were nothing is ever enough? Well, obviously not as it turns out.

We could not survive if this were the case except, if we were to keep perpetuating the hamster wheel running ourselves into the ground and bleeding the earth dry.

As they say; there has to be more to life than this. We are now in the midst of a spiritual shift where the energy is changing and visibly so and, yes, there are those who will still challenge this and fight to keep it out, but that is part of the whole process.

The other day I heard how one political party are looking at what they call the third sector, which implied that they would be looking at people who have a passion and purpose for what they do as this could make up a large proportion of the economy. Now, why does that not surprise me? It is again a sign that we are in times of change and need to address this area as it is one that we cannot ignore.

We have known for some time that this was coming and for many that has meant hiding their head in the sand hoping it would go away. Now though, there are very obvious signs all around us and even in some of the latest children’s films which says a lot.

A new dawn beckons and we need to be ready for its arrival as there will be many who seek help, advice and support as a result of what is to come. That is not to say we know it all but collectively we have many skills and resources that can help and assist when the time is right.

There are pockets of spiritual groups all over the world and they are growing in numbers, ideally if there were some way of joining up the dot’s then we would have a much stronger and united energy to work with. I guess that too will come in its own time and in a natural way.

The year 2012 has seemed like a million miles away and yet it is fast approaching, our spiritual skills will be heightened as a result, and one of the future skills I sense is telepathy which is already being discussed in many of the groups along with many other things.

We are in need of the ascended Master’s energy and direction in how to move forward in creating a new world so to speak and many of us are also looking at the ascension process itself and what that means.

We are also being urged to look at the space “in between” which is a kind of pre –birth of the new and how we would manifest this into the physical and what it would look like.

We are leaving behind the third dimension and evolving into what has been termed “light workers” or as I see it light beings with a true spiritual essence.

Interestingly enough I recently watched the Celestine Prophecy DVD, having read the book at least 4 or 5 times I always get something new from it but it has been one of the few books I have returned to again and again. Watching the film was a whole different experience as it has such a profound impact on where we are in the evolution of the world and a glimpse of where we are heading for those who want to link into this way of thinking.
The end of the film may to some seem quite far fetched however, so were things like; Thunderbirds, Star Wars, and little green men all those years ago, or going back even further the car, reaching the other side of the world in a day etc.

So, from where we are I would say this is possible and not too far away in the whole scheme of things. The one thing that we need to hold onto is TRUST as it is easy to doubt and attach to fear the same as everyone else, lets face it we also live in the real world and are faced with the changes it brings. However, if we trust that it is right for our spiritual evolution and we all prepare in a way that is right for each of us then we are already making the moves that will align us with the energy and how we are to work with it in its new form.

Joan Charles

Joan Charles

Joan Charles

For the past 25 years I have worked in both public and private sectors providing intuitive and personal development. I was previously the Sunday Post columnist providing the weekly star signs and psychic post bag and am a regular contributor to the media on the subject, working with various magazines and newspapers.

I have also worked in theatres in the UK providing psychic and spiritual demonstrations to the public.

My background in alternative health, and includes therapies such as Aromatherapy, Psychotherapy,
Cognitive therapy, Reiki and EFT. When working with my clients I utilize and draw on my skills and expertise to provide them with the best positive outcome for there well being.

My clients come from all walks of life, from business and professional areas, to anyone who has reached
a point in there life where they need some form of help in finding the way forward that�s right for them.

There is something for everyone on the list of services from the person who needs to just chill out and
relax, to the client who has some deep issues physical or emotional. To those who want to tap into the psychic or spiritual realms to see what lies before them. It can be as intense as is necessary or simple just for pleasure. The most important thing is that it is right for you.

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