Global Shift and the Cosmic Community

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February 15, 2002
Just are there are billions of humans with different views (or no views at all) regarding the current global shift, likewise, there are differing opinions and agendas among members of our cosmic community. They are not an homogenous group, no more than we are here, but as far as I can tell, they can be classed into two divergent categories of spiritual orientation, termed "service to self" (seeking control and domination, those we'd call "evil") and "service to other" (seeking love and universal growth, those we'd term "good"). To think that this apparent duality is judgmental ignores the fact they are both held in cosmic unity, and the reality that they are just two sides of the same coin.

Be that as it may, such polarity is the primary determinant of how ETs relate to humanity and the planetary process, but they are also, of course, influenced by their own particular level of evolvement (see "A Basic Chart on Cosmic Evolution" for the layout of qualities of awareness pegged to different dimensional levels). While some ETs seek to further obstruct planetary evolution (spawning one of the most heinous examples of this, being the HAARP project which super-heats layers of the upper atmosphere), most of these groups are here to genuinely help.

The worlds beyond this third-dimensional (3D) Terran human system, including planets and soul groups in other solar systems and even other galaxies, have their own particular histories (bellicose or peaceful), which also influence how they see ours. For groups associated with realization of unity, such as RA in what's termed "sixth density" (6D, see The Law of One books from L/L Research,, our human confusion may be seen to be unfathomable and exquisitely dense.

Although, as RA said, they themselves "cannot plumb the depths of the distortions which infect your peoples," they do understand what we are going through, and don't need to implant or abduct to know the effect and nature of the self-generated obstructions we face to our continued evolution. The more you know life in dimensions beyond our own, beyond the physical realm, the more you will see how distorted our global society is.

Witness our treatment of women, animals, the biosphere, our confused elitist versions of democracy, rampant consumer capitalist values, and the entire world governmental structure. While most people are kindly enough, humanity as a whole knows little of true freedom, and in countless instances, it is deeply confused about the difference between love and control. As RA also said, instances of well-meaning control of self and others in the collective body of humanity "beggars the imagination."

Obviously, as any scan of New Age literature shows, many groups want to help us evolve and there is no want of beneficent loving guidance. But at the same time, there is clear and strong opinion among all positively-oriented groups that we must do this on our own, and whatever we choose, within certain parameters, will be honored and allowed to progress, no matter how gruesome.

Witness the devastation wreaked by all the wars of the 20th century (100 million killed, or more), and the continued carnage occurring all around the globe as trumpeted, somewhat excitedly it seems, on the front page of most newspapers. These events are not planned from "On High," they are mitigated and eased as much as possible, but they are allowed to occur according to collective human decision, made both consciously and otherwise.

Benevolent ET groups are all in accord with the Law of Free Will, with full recognition of and no desire to infringe on our right to choose our individual and collective group destiny. Thus, they won't come down to save us from ourselves -- as they have not so far in human history, despite many instances of direct incarnation (Wanderers, "meeting angels unaware") and cheery predictions to the contrary coming from somewhat deluded channels.

Certainly, the more we seek their assistance the more they can offer, but their primary allegiance is to the divine principle of karmic self-responsibility and the soul growth that results from the unbroken, non-disturbed continuum of self-created experience. And thus, within the greater parameters of higher-dimensional guidance, we are pretty much the masters of our own destiny. Of course, we may sometimes wish it weren't so.

But the current global shift includes a major element that profoundly differentiates it from the relatively simple mechanics of individual soul evolution, and it is seen by members of the cosmic community in a somewhat different light. This is the fact that the Earth itself is making this particular shift regardless of human response or non-response, it must occur within a certain time frame, and also occur in a certain way.

Humanity can speed and assist the process, or not. As you know, it all depends on our consciousness, and in particular, on the degree to which we live heart-centered lives in love and kindness to all, or instead, remain self-obsessed with materialistic personal concerns of physical, emotional, and social-position security (exclusive affairs of the first three chakras). It is only when we go beyond fixation at these three lower centers that we begin to partake of, and participate in the universal drama, for good or ill. Such begins the lengthy drama of apparent cosmic polarity, the two paths "to" the Creator.

As you know, most people are simply concerned with their own affairs, and while this is normal in 3D and not necessarily negatively oriented, it does create a dull weight upon the efficiency with which Earth can make its energetic transformation. There are many different causes that lead to these conditions of self-orientation and horizontal (3D only) pre-occupation. They are often drawn upon lines of economic development, and cannot be much changed at this point; I don't foresee great social reformation before the final planetary ascension, which most calculate to occur between 2010-2013 AD.

Unfortunately, souls in this world have been herded and controlled for millennia, which has resulted in the gross inequities of current global socio-economic conditions. Specific obstructive conditions include abject poverty for most, interminable warfare for many, material ambition for those fortunate enough to be born in a wealthy nation, and the position of overlord for those sufficiently ambitious and successful on the path of service to self (souls who are usually found in positions of national and global institutional power). In general, these are the primary orientations of mind for humans not yet firmly established on the path of service to others.

Those who seek world peace and harmony are in the minority, though most people are certainly kindly good citizens. But being kindly is not the same as being clearly oriented towards spiritual growth and the care of others, and it isn't much of a force supporting the planetary process. Thus, the only players on the world stage now supporting the energy transformation of the theatre itself are those consciously aware of the primacy of love, self-development and service to others. Luckily, there are many behind the scenes working ceaselessly, without significant distortion, to this same beneficent end.

And thus we return to a consideration of the mind of those ET groups, adepts, and angelic beings pledged to universal evolution, the ensemble behind and invisible to the physical world stage. Though they all have their own fields of service and rarely have to choose between assistance to the planet and assistance to humanity, the demand for planetary evolution does supersede the whims of transient human desire. As in our own individual lives and personal path, what we want isn't always what is 'best' for our growth, and the imperatives of soul evolution are often at odds with personality-based emotional comfort and preferences. Only when the lower three centers are fully cleared can we live in full accordance with the dictum, "not my will but Thine be done."

In practice, what this means is simply that the facilitation of global shift is the paramount need of the moment. While humanity is currently being given all the spiritual guidance it calls for, individuals and human groups are pretty much left on their own to choose their own rate of progress and the ways in which they will meet the current energetic upgrade (as Earth activates its own 4th dimensional body, and prepares to host a higher density of soul life, the so-called Kingdom of Heaven on Earth).

We may step into the Golden Age through global warfare (though I do believe global annihilation will not be permitted), through the weariness of long-sliding social decay, or instead, through conscious participation with the gradually intensifying frequencies of energy that support continued awakening into greater soul-contact and alignment in love, wisdom and will. However, this is a decision-point solely for humans to make, and ET groups, no matter how evolved, will not play a leading role upon the stage of human action. While Wanderers do have a valuable role to play, the more potent forces (being themselves non-veiled and aware of esoteric dynamics) work wholly in the background.

Frankly, I don't expect human society as a whole to choose the final option of conscious participation (despite any future UFO disclosure, release of free energy technology, or newly created stupendous crop circles). Rather, I imagine humanity will create for itself some combination of the first two, warfare and continued social decline (as we already see all around us, most likely to continue). And yet, is it really fair to attribute responsibility for this somewhat mediocre condition to the masses of people, when global human leadership is pretty much all oriented towards self-service?

On the one hand, you can't blame those who are not given the autonomy and means to determine their own lives, and thus remain consigned to passive reaction to world events. On the other hand, the idea that "people deserve the government they elect" is also quite true. I read that the Dalai Lama once said something like, "the problem of humanity is a problem of leadership," but looking deeper, the problem is really sourced in those who support that leadership. And thus, we return back to the fact that being but a nice kindly citizen is all well and good, but it is not adequate to the task of creating dynamic and just world culture. Nor does it do much to assist planetary awakening.

Barring some kind of dramatic, wholly beneficent UFO world landing a la "Day the Earth Stood Still", I don't think too many of our fellow humans will realize the current global shift is even under way until they are well on the other side of it. But at the individual level, I do think more and more people will free themselves of the shackles of Terran 3D human conditioning, and open more to universal values and the crucial importance of inner authority and deliberate love-based intention. Doing just this at the personal level is a very important contribution to planetary process, a true world service, and Earth itself is nourished by the energetic radiation that accompanies (or rather, constitutes) such expanded awareness.

As to those ETs working behind the scenes, frankly, I think their primary concern is with the planet itself, and the requirements of the Logoic (the solar Creator's) transmutation that is itself driving the Earth process. To insure smooth and natural transformation of the Terran energy body, certain electromagnetic processes must be attended to, guided and carefully regulated, then integrated with the evolving life of all other living kingdoms that share the globe with us (mineral, vegetable, animal, elemental, and devic). This is really the Magnum Opus, the Great Work, even greater than the individual ascent to the Logos, which is itself already quite a piece of work.

The degree to which humanity assists this grand process is totally up to us, but the current shift is absolutely inexorable, driven by cosmic, solar, and Logoic imperatives. Most of the elder ET groups are charged with the responsibility of direct administration of this process, and thus work directly with the Logoic Mind to do whatever is needed for the evolution of the entire solar system. As the phrase goes, they have bigger fish to fry than simply helping souls move into love-consciousness and "make harvest" into 4th density, which is important enough. This task is more properly that of Wanderers, lightworkers, and specific groups of adepts and teachers on both sides of the veil.

Within this greater drama of solar/Logoic evolution (the basis of the current global shift and its true esoteric nature), Earth humanity is just one group among many, although it is potentially the most destructive actor. Though this isn't the most self-gratifying way to describe how elder members of the cosmic community see us, I do believe many perceive us in just this way -- demanding constant damage containment.

In my view, humanity is not the most potent force for assistance to the current global shift (by far), no matter what pride or starry-eyed ET channels tell us. Nevertheless, our incarnate status confers on us a distinct importance in helping birth the next stage of planetary evolution. I wouldn't want to minimize the part played by awakening humans, but we needn't get puffed up about it either.

Seeing our role and our work in the context of the larger systemic process (along with its host of multi-dimensional serving groups), at least we can trust a bit more that no matter what happens down here on the ground, there are higher forces making sure things don't get too out of hand. All instances of human destruction that occur are those that have been allowed to occur, for very good reason and all within the Law of Free Will. Of course, that may not comfort us too much, as we suffer countless manifestations of the distorted human 3D social complex. Seen from soul, these are simply opportunities for further growth and service to others. Spiritual path is not a feel-good matter.

As RA said, the primary task of the Confederation of positively oriented ET groups who work to assist Earth is to insure that the parameters of free will are maintained for all kingdoms of evolving life. Thus, we are allowed to kill each other in periodic genocide, but we'll likely be prevented from exploding the entire globe.

The cosmic community will indeed continue to help us as much as we fairly request (not infringing on anyone's free will in any way), but they do treat us as adults and not children. The most efficient means to our growth is to learn through experiencing results of our own choices, be they comfortable or otherwise. But beyond the individual process with which we're all so concerned, the big show must go on, and it will.



SCOTT MANDELKER (Project Director, UFO/Metaphysics) has an MA in Counseling, a PhD in East-West Psychology, and over 20 years' experience in Buddhism and Eastern religion. The author of two books: From Elsewhere (1995) and Universal Vision (2000), he’s spoken at UFO and New Age expos in the US, Japan and Israel, has appeared on more than 80 radio and TV shows and has given spiritual counseling for the last 10 years.