Excerpts from Revelation: Joseph’s Message

Last Updated: Sunday 31st August 2008

©channelled by Michael G. Reccia

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Joseph: I would like to talk to you about the concept of work… firstly how you occupy your time, and secondly THE work.

Unfortunately, most occupations on the Earth plane are neither creative nor uplifting. Your
society has created a need for drudgery in order that levels of materialism be maintained; and nothing destroys the human spirit more than drudgery. However, it is difficult for many people, once under that pall of drudgery, to expand their souls and this is the fault of society rather than of the individual.

You have a great problem today with work, because as you think, so you are. If people are in occupations that pull them down, that give them no inspiration or hope, then those are the thoughts that emanate from those souls into the atmosphere, contributing to the depression,
the darkness and the restrictiveness of this world.

I am not suggesting that the whole world should be creative, but I am suggesting that the attitude to work should be different, not: let us be as productive as possible in order to get as much mammon as possible. If workloads were staggered, and people worked a day at a time then had a free day, then worked another day and had a free day, their spirits would have time to recover, and it would be better if the companies concerned sought to provide better conditions for the souls under their employ. The whole system you have at the moment is geared towards making more material things… faster and faster… more and more productive… more and more automated… more and more boring… and all this stifles the spirit.

Each soul is capable of creating in some way because each soul creates as a matter of course, being a part of God. I am not suggesting that you place a paintbrush in the hands of each person but there is something creative that each soul can do. And if companies realised this and provided the tools for their workers to do something creative with, then their production would go up. However, they would find as this happened that they had been changed by the experience, and that they really didn’t want to produce the goods they are now producing, because they would realize, in adopting a more spiritual approach, that those goods are too linked in with a material world. They would instead seek to produce something new and of more worth to a more spiritually minded society.

What I am attempting to explain is the soullessness of your world with regard to its material objects today. There is no love in them. There is no love in your television set or your car; there is no love in your furniture or your purpose-built house because the only love built into these objects is a love of the money that they will produce for someone. Your televisions would work more efficiently, your houses would be more welcoming, if they had love put into them at the design and creation stage, if a little time was taken over things, which it isn’t.

And the speed at which souls work today prevents us from reaching them. There is no time for God in the lives of souls today. They work and they work and they work, and then they return to the spirit world – and then they often choose to return to the Earth plane to repeat the cycle!

Work is not all there is for a soul, day in, day out, as the years go by, to be involved in something mindless, it is as torturous to that soul as some of the cruelty inflicted on souls in times before this one. It is mental cruelty; it is physical cruelty. The soul always seeks to fly free and to grow, and your society will not allow that.

Work is important, yes, but choose your work carefully. Be at the centre of a balance, so that on the one side you have the work that is necessary for you to live, but on the other side you have creativity, you have time for your God, you have time to explore what your soul is capable of. Because in creating, whether it be a sculpture or a painting or growing a plant, you are exploring your God qualities. And your God qualities are your good qualities and the more people that balance their lives in this way, the brighter the Earth will become, and the freer the Earth will be from the negativity.

We are looking for a state on Earth in the future where people have more leisure time, where they devote more of their daily lives to an exploration of self – not of ego, but of the soul – in order to understand what they are capable of, to understand that thoughts are living things, that whatever they think is Creation, and that if they think for the best they will alter the surface and quality of the planet, and the quality of life for everyone else on the planet.

Another aspect of work on the physical plane now is that it very often cuts people off from each other. They have forgotten how to communicate, they have forgotten the niceties of life, they have forgotten to enquire about each other, simply because work is the great god.

And what does it profit them? It brings them motor cars that rust; marriages that don’t last; children who never look back at their parents and move on. It brings unrest, it brings anxiety about the new house, or the holiday, or the clothes, or the furnishings, and none of these things are important. It is companionship that is important, the reflection of yourself in others; your uniqueness and the way you share that uniqueness with others. Those are the things that count, those are the things that are important, those are the things that have to be brought back to the surface so that the Earth can be changed.

The second area I wish to look at is THE work…God’s work!

There is so much of THE work to do, but it requires people to surrender to that call from within, and to say, ‘Yes, God, I will do it. – Now… what is it I have to do?’ Isn’t that a leap? That is what is demanded of the next generation. The faith, the feeling that God has something for them to do, and the courage to answer that feeling by saying, ‘I will do it!’

There are many workers – potential workers – out there now. Children who have been born over the past thirty years and those that are being born today have a great potential to transmit and receive spiritual power, communication, information, healing and counseling thoughts. There are many spiritual leaders out there, potentially, but they need to be in the right environment. We are working towards a society that will recognise the Light-bringers in its midst and support them so that they can do the work they are supposed to do.

There are little lights out across your world, and those lights are the children who are growing up now and have a mission.

Michael G. Reccia

Michael G. Reccia

Michael G. Reccia
Professional medium, Michael G. Reccia, from Rossendale, UK has channelled spirit communication for over 23 years - during which time he has conducted thousands of private readings, given countless public demonstrations (including trance), held workshops, taught meditation, produced spiritual books and CD’s and is regularly involved in spirit rescue.

He firmly believes that the true importance of spirit communication is not simply to prove evidence of life after death but to provide a blueprint for a better life before death through channelled spiritual teachings that will make a difference to this World.