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Last Updated: Monday 8th September 2008

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I was very privileged to have an interview with Diana Cooper and as you will see below we chatted about some really interesting thing.

Q, what was your very first experience and how did you react to it?

Diana, I was in the middle of a divorce, at rock bottom with no spiritual, religious of psychic connections and I asked for someone to help me and I gave them 12 hours to do so. My guardian angel came in and took me on the most amazing journey and showed me my future. I had no one to speak to so I wrote it down as this was to be the new phase of my life.

Q, what is the most momentous / special thing your angels have ever done for you?

Diana, it was 10yrs later when I was asking about guidance for some classes I was running on personal development. My angel came and told me they wanted me to teach others about connecting with their angels and so I agreed. When I re-started the classes they had almost doubled.
At that time I had written Little Light on Angels and was being interviewed on radio they were doing some aura pictures and I called in my angels. When they took the picture the imprint showed up the switch board was jammed with over 114,000 calls all from people who wanted to share their stories as well.
A friend reminded me that at that point people must have thought I was mad and now there are angel’s shops in almost every town.

Q, for those just beginning their journey what could you suggest that will allow then to connect with their angels easily?

Diana, yes, take some quiet time and talk to you’re angels, trust that they are their also look out for the tiny white feathers they leave behind just like the unicorns as well who are now showing up again. They have not been seen since the time of Atlantis.

Q, Tell us about your new book Enlightened Through Orbs?

Diana, A year ago spirit brought Kathy Crosswell and myself together and while we were sitting chatting the candle started to flicker and I knew they had a message for us. 2 guides told us that they wanted us to write a book. They would teach us about orbs and what they meant and twice a week we sat and had guidance. They taught us why the orbs were coming closer at this time, which ones were archangels and the message they brought. And that ascension can by gained through working with the orbs.
There are two cosmic moments… one at 11.11 on 11th November, 2011 and the other at 11.11 on 21st December 2012. A cosmic moment is like a portal in which the heavens open and new energies come through. Through the ages such as Mayan and Inca, shamans and other gurus have known about this phase. New ascended masters are already arriving to bring help to raise the vibration for what is to come.

Q, what are your thoughts about 2012?

Diana, in 2012 which is known as the end time or indeed the beginning time all change is to take place. It is thought that the third dimension is holding us back and should have moved quicker however it is thought that 11% of the population will have ascended in order to raise and help the vibration. Physical fear will in fact diminish and allow the process to move on an
They are to assist the thousands of others who will be in need of help. Indeed divine order exists and we are heading towards conscious co-creation.

Q, what can we do to prepare?

Diana, by being in nature and spending quiet time, as well as watching your thoughts to ensure they are positive as they can be. We need to listen to spirit, meditate honour and respect ourselves. Sending healing thoughts and engage in the community.

Q, what are you working on now?

Diana, I am working on expanding the school which is a non- profit making organisation. At present I am providing bursaries for people in disadvantaged countries like Africa who cannot afford it. I am trying to raise funds for this to expand it to as many countries as possible. We already have someone who has trained and is taking the message out into Africa to spread the word as well as Zimbabwe.
I want to gather angel storied from people to help support this and other ventures that will raise consciousness and awareness.
I have the Unicorn book and cards coming out soon and I plan to do more work with the orbs and healing. I think there could even be a film in the mix but we’ll see.

Q, have you a special message for the readers?

Diana, every single person is important and we have in front of us the greatest opportunity we have ever had.
As I said the Unicorns are coming back, 12 rays are being poured into the planet and new archangels are being sent. It is just amazing.

Q, how can people get involved and help ?

Diana, (a not for profit organisation) bursaries.
any contributions towards bursaries to help raise the consciousness of Africa to Kathryn Johns, Treasurer DCSchool, 8 Steppes Piece, Bidford on Avon, Alcester, Warwickshire, B50 4AT.

Cheques payable to DCSAA (Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension). Kathryn’s e mail is

Please send true angel stories to

Many Thanks Diana for your time.


Joan Charles

Joan Charles

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