Silver Star: The Architecture of Fear and the Value of Silence

Last Updated: Saturday 22nd November 2008

©channelled by Michael G. Reccia

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Channelled by Michael G. Reccia
(This lecture was given to Michael and his partner, Jane, and friend, David, whilst on a walk during their holiday in the Lake District, UK)

Silver Star: It is always a delight to us when you put in the effort and wish to communicate to others on our behalf. As Michael rightly says, there is always someone willing to talk to you at a moment’s notice and we, metaphysically speaking, drop what we are doing and rush to your side so that we can impart a little more knowledge.

What I would like to talk to you about today is the architecture of fear - which is a phrase that has been used by journalists and novelists and TV producers over the decades - and relates to what you saw in the towns you visited today – particularly the last one this afternoon (ref. to Bowness, which was full of people browsing aimlessly around the tourist shops).

All seeking on an earthly level is built out of fear. You gather things towards yourself, you buy things, and you select things for your personal life because you feel that you have a hold over them if they come into your possession. And the things that you buy, the things that you choose represent, on a grander scale, the things that you are most involved with on a soul level. If you buy paintings, for example, then you have an artistic flare. In Michael’s case he wishes to own some of the icons of the films and television series that he is so fond of. In Jane’s case it is the dresses and styles of a period of history that she finds important. In David’s case it is the desire to surround himself with spiritual knowledge. And so you buy these things because you are acting on a soul level as though you are the God protecting your children i.e. the aspects of yourself that interest you and so you procure small objects that represent the greater need, the greater involvement and the greater interest.

But there is also an architecture of fear in that people select things that they fear to lose. They select material things because on a soul level they understand that those things will not be with them for ever. So they have to buy a new car, or new furniture, or new clothes, even when they don’t need them because they are reassuring themselves on a soul level that they are not going to die, that the things that they know on a soul level will run out really aren’t going to, so they surround themselves with material objects.

People also crowd together - Michael said today, ‘If only people could be quiet’ - but they crowd together because, again to use an earthly term, they believe that there is safety in numbers. If you are part of a crowd, then surely God cannot single you out and kill you and take you away from this level! And so although they may require peace on a soul level - and every soul does - they instead seek noise, they seek companionship; they seek sights and sounds on as many different levels as possible so that they feel that they are immersed in life.

It is the architecture of fear: they are building a future, as they see it, which is secure - but it is actually based on fear in the present - fear of death, fear of being alone fear of illness. They feel that if they gather in crowds and if they gather together in their houses objects that represent their greater material dreams, then no harm can come to them.

The problem you have with people is that the majority of souls on Earth fear silence. Silence is a void and in silence and quietness you cannot have needs, you only have perception of the silence. But they believe that if you are silent then your fear of death looms large, your fear of loss looms large, your fear of aging catches up with you, your fear of not having catches up with you, your fear of being unloved and being lonely catches up with you. So they fear, through their architecture of fear and through the construct of fear that they immerse themselves in in their lives; they fear stepping outside of that way of life.

And yet silence is so sublime. Silence actually heals the molecules of your physical body. Very often serious illnesses occur because the molecules are never at rest. Of course molecules can never be absolutely at rest per se but they are never at rest from the vibrations that interact with them so they are constantly jangled. They are constantly moving, they are constantly vibrating at a higher rate, at a quicker rate than they are supposed to. In silence the molecules are at rest, they can repair themselves. Cancers can be avoided by being silent. Great healings can take place by being silent and by sending out the Light or receiving the Light - being silent to receive the Light. Your hospital wards are such noisy places; there are doctors and nurses coming and going, people with food, visitors, and the patient never gets any rest and quiet. It is only in quiet and silence that healing can take place. When we are healing someone we surround them with a bubble of energy of differing vibration from the earth plane within which silence can reach that person.

In silence you sort things out. The mind cannot sort out decisions, cannot sort out problems in clamour because the molecules of the physical brain are going too fast. Only in that bubble of silence can the mind examine itself and the situations that it feels it is in - and in that silence repairs take place, the mind becomes stable and sees the way forward.

There are so many voices on this planet at the moment, so much agitation, so many constructs based on fear: listening to music, listening to the television, listening to crowds, listening to each other but never listening to the voice within - the voice that comes from the heart.

So your citizens are to be excused for the way that they act as they don’t know any better, but they are not to be excused for not examining a better way, for not saying to themselves ‘perhaps if I am quiet then things will change.’ They wish to deconstruct their fears, they don’t wish to be afraid of death, or of not having material things, or of loneliness, or of loss. They wish to get rid of the fear but the fear traps them.

We would say to those of you reading this or listening to this – give a little of each day to silence. Sit down, initially, and see how many areas of your life bring you noise and clamour and distraction. Switch off your television set, switch off your mobile phone, switch off your radio. You will then be aware of the noise of your fridge, the noise of your air-conditioning system, the noise of your car’s engine. Get away from all these things and be with yourself and with your God for a few moments each day and be not afraid. In silence answers come to you. In silence healing comes to you and in silence you become an instrument that can be used to channel out silence and Light to your brothers and sisters.

I have to ask you reading this, listening to this, Are you happy? Look in your mirror as you are surrounded by your noise, by the clamour of your life, by the speed of your life, by your architecture of fear. Are you happy? Is your mouth used to turning upwards in a smile or downwards in a frown?

If you are unhappy, if you are uncertain, what is it that is making you unhappy, uncertain, disquiet? Dis-quiet, do you see - not quiet. Maybe you don’t know. Maybe there are so many layers covering your real fear that you only have and carry with you a feeling of unease, dis-ease – again a deliberate word. When you learn to be silent, you learn to tune out fear and, when you strip away your fears and confront them in the silence, then you will find out why you are unhappy. And in most cases you will find that you are not unhappy, that there is a space within you within which you are perfectly happy. It is only the outer trappings, the architecture of fear that makes you feel this way. You will find that you have a stable centre and that centre cannot be rocked, that centre knows that you are eternal, knows that you are immortal and knows the answer to every problem. By visiting the silence regularly you will come back from those periods of silence with a new determination, with a new reassurance and an ability to look at your troubles from a distance and say, ‘They do not really exist, they only affect the surface, they are part of the architecture of fear and nothing more,’

If you feel that society is serving you well then observe it… go into your town with a different attitude and say,’ today instead of the shops, instead of going to the mall, to the café or the restaurant, I will observe people.’ Take a notebook with you as train-spotters do and put a letter ‘U’ for unhappy on one side and an ‘H’ for happy on the other and then put a tick under each one according to the facial expression of the people you are looking at. Is the person coming towards you happy or unhappy? Do they observe you, do they engage with you, do they look at you soul to soul or are they unhappy? And see at the end of the day, if you think your society works, if you think that your society is providing for you and making you happy and content and stable, see at the end of that exercise how many ticks you have under unhappy and how many ticks you have under happy – weight them up and you will have a very material example of what is going on in people’s minds at the moment.

Jesus said, ‘Be not afraid.’ Many of the ‘Lights’ that have been sent to you of their own volition have said ‘Be not afraid.’ There is nothing to fear but fear itself and fear itself is something that you have built into this world. Like anything else that is negative, it does not exist.

It was entertaining to see the program this morning examining life after death (reference to a TV program that we were watching in the holiday cottage) with such a surface scratch, such a light touch of the outermost molecules of truth surrounding the subject and saying with great conviction ‘we know what is happening.’ It was striking to see the people who, as you quite rightly said, visited briefly the next level of being and for a short time saw around them the darkness that they had created or drawn towards them (ref. to the examples of people experiencing the Lower Astral). You in the western world know so little about death. Why? Because you spend your time building fear around you to push the notion of death away from you. Even the program that you were watching has a taboo with it – this is scary, this is something we are uneasy with, we don’t want to examine it. Fear prevents you from looking at death and saying ‘there is nothing there, there is nothing to fear.’

And when you go into the silence regularly for longer and longer periods of time your life changes. You find that you do not wish the company of others who want to bring a collective fear to any gathering of people. You find that you do not need as much materially because you are secure in your beliefs in yourself, in areas of soul magic that you are important in – be that artistic or scientific or spiritual - and you find that you will have no satisfaction in your shopping expeditions, in your communal times when you are in crowds who are listlessly wandering, looking for some kind of salvation in material objects. Your life will change and it will change for the better on one level – on a spiritual level. But on a material level it will make you uncomfortable because the things that once made you comfortable – if only for a short time - will no longer do so and you will feel alienated in your own world, in your own society.

That is good!

We are not here to make you feel comfortable; we are here to make you feel ‘homesick’. You do not belong here, you belong in higher realms. You turned your back at one stage in your existence, either ignorantly or by design, on the Light. But the Light has always been there and it is that Light that is glimpsed when people have near death experiences - glimpsed only because its glory, its majesty, is far beyond what is glimpsed in those few seconds when a soul turns towards the Light and then turns back again (often with such sad results in that when it returns to Earth it wants nothing more but to return to the Light).

We are here to unsettle you. If you are comfortable, if you are used to this life, then you are no use to yourselves and are no use to us. We have to make you different because you are different - at a soul level you are different. You should not be here, not constantly. There are other horizons for you, other hills to climb but, before you can climb them, you have to understand that something is wrong.

So you need to be brave, you need to say, ‘The constructs of my life: my house, my car, my furniture, my collections, my so called needs – what are they about? Why do I need to be in a crowd shopping? Why do I need to be in a crowd with an opinion that really isn’t mine? Why do I need so much stuff?’ When you start to ask those questions your guides will be with you. We will be with you, to provide the answers but you will not find the answers in clamour.

You have to fight against the tide, you have to go within yourself in silence and listen to the silence. Bring your fears into the silence as friends – if you are frightened of death bring your fear of death into the silence with you as a friend. Don’t push it away, examine it and it will melt away because there is nothing there to frighten you. If you fear loss, bring that loss into your silent times; examine that loss, embrace it to your heart until it melts away like the morning dew and you find that there is a sunrise that you never expected.

Become used to being silent, to contemplating. There are people on our side of life who will go into periods of contemplation for months (perhaps for years as you measure time on Earth) to get clear in their heart-mind and their spirit-mind just one aspect of God’s universe, to understand themselves better and aspects of the universe better. Months! Years! We are not asking this of you, we are just saying introduce the new way of light into your life by entering into the silence for a few moments daily and see what happens to you.

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Professional medium, Michael G. Reccia, from Rossendale, UK has channelled spirit communication for over 23 years - during which time he has conducted thousands of private readings, given countless public demonstrations (including trance), held workshops, taught meditation, produced spiritual books and CD’s and is regularly involved in spirit rescue.

He firmly believes that the true importance of spirit communication is not simply to prove evidence of life after death but to provide a blueprint for a better life before death through channelled spiritual teachings that will make a difference to this World.

Michael G. Reccia

Michael G. Reccia

Michael G. Reccia
Professional medium, Michael G. Reccia, from Rossendale, UK has channelled spirit communication for over 23 years - during which time he has conducted thousands of private readings, given countless public demonstrations (including trance), held workshops, taught meditation, produced spiritual books and CD’s and is regularly involved in spirit rescue.

He firmly believes that the true importance of spirit communication is not simply to prove evidence of life after death but to provide a blueprint for a better life before death through channelled spiritual teachings that will make a difference to this World.