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Last Updated: Saturday 6th December 2008

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Homeopathy is seen as the polar opposite of conventional medicine , with like treating like , rather than trying to over ride the body . However a facet of conventional medicine that crosses over , particularly with consumers, is a tendency to dualistic thinking , namely that the mind is separate from the body , and not always terribly relevant
The reductionist model of medicine does not , in general attach a great deal of importance to feelings and emotions , nor do joe and Josephine public necessarily do so

So it would not be unnatural for a society that sees a pill for every ill , to look to homeopathy to provide a natural pill for every ill

Since aiming for a healthy mind , body and spirit, is an important part of homeopathy , it can invoke surprise when questions are asked of a persons emotional state as part of a homeopathic history . An emotional history will be concerned with how life has been , and how it has impacted upon the person

If someone has had a difficult life , particularly a background of dysfunctional family behaviour , then questioning about this may be seen as an unwelcome intrusion Given that the British ( I cant comment on Europe ) seems adept at covering up and suppressing – stiff upper lip, just get on with it, and all that – it may well be an uncomfortable line to take .

People say, leave the past alone , and just deal with the present . However , just as emotions are not made irrelevant by time, neither is homeopathy . A history of shock , such as witnessing a terrible event , even if it occurred a number of years in the past , would still merit the prescription of Aconite .Emotions and emotional responses , once created , can’t be uncreated , and if they are not dealt with , could stagnate and fester .

If one considers an emotional life and influences , as being like writing the operating system of a computer , creating “windows” if you like, once the programme starts up, it runs its course to the end . If there are flaws in the programme , created by difficult circumstances, the system will continue to run even if it keeps crashing , so the person keeps experiencing anxiety , and can’t understand why

The remedy Staphysagria is particularly good for helping to deal with the effects of suppressed anger , rage turned inward, self loathing , and anger which might be more appropriately directed elsewhere .

Ignatia is a remedy of sadness and loss , but also of guilt and stifled , blocked grieving .

However a remedy cannot change things on its own , if the problem is emotional or psychological in origin , and needs the person to look at things differently as well , it needs a degree of self analysis . Anger , once accepted as being present and self corroding, needs acknowledgment and resolution .

As “M” recently said to James Bond in “Casino Royale “ , “ arrogance and self awareness rarely go hand in hand” .
Now whilst most of us would not see ourselves as arrogant , it is still our ego that suggests we can sort our illnesses for ourselves , and that we have no need to change . We tend to think that if we shout down our feelings and emotions, loudly enough , then sheer force of will power will solve the problem
Self awareness forces us to accept that this is in fact , not true
Thus a homeopathic remedy becomes part of the story, but not the whole story.

The evidence relating to anger, particularly suppressed , having a negative effect on our physical health is now strong . Increasing research is also being done on the effects of forgiveness on our well being , and forgiveness also starts with the self

Chronic illness , in particular always has an emotional response , particularly where physical limitations are imposed. This may need looked at depending on how much the response is working for the individual. .

But change cannot be forced and the person must be a willing participant in the process . However if you attend an NHS homeopath , with something simple and straightforward , like hay fever , you are unlikely to be put through an in depth psychological questionaire

Dr Martin R Innes

My name is Dr Martin R Innes and I am a full time GP in Renfrewshire, Scotland . I have been a GP for 18yrs and qualified as a doctor for 25yrs. I am interested in all things complementary but pursue an integrated approach, combining conventional and complementary. I am trained in homeopathy and am a member of the medical faculty of homeopaths. I am also trained in hypnosis and spiritual healing, although time restraints limit use. My main interest is in emotional health and how it affects our physical health and in promoting the importance of the mind/body link
My email address is martin.innes@live.co.uk