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Last Updated: Friday 30th November 2007

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How do we heal? I’m sure you have tried all the therapies, the drops, the essences, the books, the workshops and all or some will have brought about shifts of some description. Sooner or later, we come home to ourselves and realise that while there are many wonderful people out there, availing us of some remarkable gifts of healing and tools, we are our own Master Healers. We are individually responsible for ourselves, for every experience that has gone into making up our lives. Every relationship has been created as part of our growth and lessons. Everyone and everything in our lives has been and is there by our invitation on some level, and all of this has the ability to teach us more and more about who we really are. Are you willing to listen? It can be difficult and challenging. It’s far easier to blame someone else for whatever has gone wrong in our lives. However, this only serves to keep us in victim mode and it is only when we stop and accept full responsibility for ourselves, our lives and everything in it, that healing can begin.

This is not to say it’s all down to us because there is help out there, and plenty of it. I have seen the proof (and sensed the presences!) so often in healing sessions. It is gloriously obvious that once we accept responsibility, ask for help and open ourselves to receive, we are blessed abundantly, magnificently beyond anything we could have imagined.

We are supported during our lifetime by a heavenly host of spirit guides, angelic beings, mighty archangels, and also ascended masters, who are great healers, teachers or prophets who have previously had a human incarnation and who are now in the spirit world, guiding, supporting and teaching us from the other side of the veil. This is not to say that these beings are worshipped as Gods. There is and will only ever be One God, Source of all light, healing, unconditional love, all that there is. All other divinities assist us in our path back to God and may be called upon, or invoked when we have specific needs or concerns. Just as St Christopher would be asked to protect travellers. We communicate with them through prayer or invocation, repeating their name and sensing their energy connect with ours, even spending time being nurtured by them in meditation, handing over our fears and needs.

Jesus is probably the most well-known ascended master. Known also as Jeshua, Christ, or Sananda, he is called upon to assist us in communicating clearly with God, divine guidance and direction, forgiveness, during all kinds of healing, manifestation and whenever we really do need a miracle. Like many healing practitioners, I work extensively with Christ energy as part of healing sessions with clients.

Serapis Bay helps us work towards spiritual enlightenment and ascension. He also assists with creating a healthy lifestyle and achieving physical fitness. To this end, he may be called upon to assist with overcoming addictions or cravings, when we need motivation to exercise or start a weight-loss programme. In addition, he works with artists, musicians and creative projects. He will assist us in all our endeavours to create peace on Earth.

No issue is too small, or insignificant to invoke the help of the masters. Remember this! Simply ask whenever you need help. You are truly never alone, but loved, embraced and supported every step of the way. Namaste.

Jan McGlashan * Healing Light

Jan McGlashan

Jan McGlashan

Jan is a highly intutive Reiki Master along side being a holistic therapist who is able to use her intuition and healing energy to atune to the needs of her clients. She has worked Internationally and has on-going workshops training individuals and groups in Reiki.