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Last Updated: Friday 30th November 2007

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After 16 years practicing positive thinking, meditation, martial arts, Hypnosis, NLP, auto-suggestion, Time Line Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Huna, Feng Shui, Life Coaching, and almost every approach to mind action that exists, the same 7 critical aspects kept appearing.

Only when all 7 are in harmony does your subconscious mind (your auto achievement pilot) pour out your unlimited potential, and your body becomes naturally balanced, calm, and stress free.

1 Obviously you have a Physical body, the foundation upon which everything sits - the vehicle that houses your awareness. Remember, you're body's a temple, but it's also a nightclub!

2 Next is the Emotional Body, home to unconscious processes, your memories and emotions. It’s magnetic, attracting people with similar emotions e.g. Anger management groups, protesters.

3 Next the Mental Body - the rational, thinking Conscious Mind, usually with an area of interest/field of knowledge that it specialises in. It likes stimulation, deep and meaningful discussion, debate and new ideas.

4 Last is the Spiritual Body, the super conscious mind and your connection with whatever is higher and bigger than you. It attracts like minded souls, such as in gathering to worship, or a "calling", or you reading this article….

Now the second secret - you are of three minds. Our ancestors used to teach this, as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This trinity is present in every tradition on the planet. The Pope's cross has 3 horizontal bars, the Cardinal's only two, and the Priests only has one. Hmmm.
Or the Lovers Card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot Cards. There's a man (conscious mind) looking at a woman (unconscious mind), but she's looking above him at an angel (higher self) which he can't see.

5 Your conscious mind likes experience, knowledge, mental power, analysis and rationality. Also respect, admiration, significance and success. It's focused on specifics, likes order and sequence, and usually kicks in at about age five. Unfortunately, it's also an expert in denying and avoiding pain.

6 You also have an unconscious Mind - the mind that controls all the actions and non-actions that you find yourself taking, or not. It runs your body, beats your heart, stores your memories, and controls your emotions. Sometimes called the "body/mind", it's like a timid animal with basic desires and a mental age of about five. Society likes to keep you out of here - men are taught to be unemotional, therapists will help you manage your anger (rather than clear it up completely) and prescription drugs suppress your true feelings. They're still there, you just can't feel them. So the next time a red light appears on your car dashboard, just paint black paint over it. It's still a problem, but at least you can't see it.

7 Lastly the Higher Self, with still more, higher functions, such as wisdom, order, justice, ecology, peace, truth, perfection and evolution. (Your connection to your true unlimited and infinite self). It looks down at you like a totally trustworthy parent gazing lovingly on a perfect child (you). It creates anything that you ask for, (whether you dwell on good things or bad).

The majority of counselling interventions, analysis, positive thinking and reading books are only Mental, Conscious actions - only 2/7ths of the picture. Techniques like autosuggestion, meditation, Hypnosis and NLP tap into 4/7ths by accessing the unconscious mind and emotional body. Psyched up, high adrenaline motivational seminars actually keep you out of the very areas that would stimulate change. And they are emotional states that few people can recreate in their everyday lives. Spiritual practices deal with the Spiritual aspect and the Higher Self. Again, only 2/7 ths of the picture. If they involve fasting, retreats or rituals then they activate four, i.e. the physical body and emotional body.

This is why they haven’t worked wholly for you. Any of these methods taken in isolation is like putting a tractor tyre on a Ferrari – you end up with an imbalanced car that is highly unstable, is difficult to stop, burns fuel wastefully, is dangerous to drive and will spend most of its time going in circles…

Get all 7 in harmony, suddenly, in the most natural way, life starts to come together. Love starts to blossom. Money starts to pour in. Abilities start to sharpen dramatically and produce greater fruitage. Energy starts to rise. Health starts to improve. Coincidences start to multiply. Try it and see!

Jonathan Clark

Jonathan is the author of the breakthrough book "Ignite & Unshackle The Latent Power Of You". He has given public talks and private consultations for the best part of 16 years. He has taught these skills in household-name kind of companies and is often asked to come and do seminars and trainings for household-name firms. He still has a full therapy practice in Glasgow and a full life-coaching practice, as well. He’s been interviewed on local radio-stations. He’s worked has been featured by BBC Scotland, by the channel STV2, in the Sunday Post, Sunday Mail and the Glasgow Herald.
The Anthony Robbins YES Group in Glasgow was originally launched and run by Jonathan way back in 1995.
Jonathan is the Founder & Developer of HGE. He’s also a Certified NLP Trainer trained by Tad James and David Shephard, and has been using NLP for 16 years. The bulk of that was over 4000 hours of one-on-one therapy with over a thousand individual clients, and countless group-workshops, which means he has a lot of experience dealing with NLP in the real world, dealing with real people, with real problems, real concerns and real aspirations. He didn’t just do a course one day and thought it would be a good idea to reproduce it. He didn’t just read a book, and he is not just newly certified. In fact he’s been certified by 3 different NLP training companies, and is certified by the American Board of NLP.
Jonathan is also a professional Life Coach. He was trained and certified over three years by Coach University in the States founded by Thomas Leonard, which is probably one of the longest-running if not THE first life-coaching companies on the planet.
Jonathan started his first self-employed business when he was 19 years old, and to this day teaches that a new startup, especially in a service professional industry like Coaching or Therapy, can make a profit in month one.
Also, he’s a Master Practitioner of Time-Line Therapy, personally trained and certified by Tad James and David Shephard. Jonathan is also a Master Hypnotherapist, a registered and certified Hypnotherapist and has used hypnotherapy with hundreds of clients in his therapy practice over the last 16 years.
Ancient secrets and modern wisdom
For 10 years Jonathan has practiced Feng Shui, often called “the ancient art of placement”, which is based on the belief that the way you lay out and organise your space has a great effect on the internal and external results in your life. Now, whether you believe in it or whether you don’t - the fact is, an organised system in a neat office works more efficiently and effectively than a cluttered one.
Another of Jonathan's specialities is Hawaiian Huna. Huna is rumoured to be the source of the majority of other esoteric disciplines, such as Chinese Medicine, Energy Healing and Shamanism. Jonathan has been initiated on a live volcano in Hawaii by Huna Masters 5 times, and has been granted permission by the Ka Ha O Hawai'i Foundation to teach the healing, spiritual and shamanic discipline of Huna, including initiating you into the ancient healing Ho'omanaloa Symbols.

Jonathan Clark provides advice and inspiration in what to do next for talented individuals who want greater hope and certainty in their personal and professional lives. For a free info pack visit