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Last Updated: Friday 30th November 2007

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With so many people trying to find peace in their lives and looking for the answers to their many questions, one question often heard is – ‘where are the answers which will help me find my true self?’

The answers are within and there are so many healing systems and self development programs which help us search and connect and release the past so that we may create a far better future and still we are not content and search further.

The endless search for enlightenment is as old as time itself. For our ancestors the answers were simple ‘find the peace within your heart and you will be at one with All that IS’. Today we know that the answer is a little more elusive as we have stretched our reality far beyond what was possible then, into a place that is so confusing that finding peace within it can for some people seem impossible.

The trick to all of this is to know that the answer is the same as it has ever been. The journey may be different and there may be more illusion, creating confusion and this can cause people to become lost and unnerved. But the fundamental principle of all existence links through one endless thread which has been weaved throughout creation since before time began. The answer is within and the answer is that You are All that IS.

Theta DNA Healing is a reprogramming system which helps you to eliminate the illusion within consciousness and connects you back to the truth of who you are. The programs we run within our conscious minds govern the reality which we create. We create the reality in which we exist through the filter of our own belief system and it is through the belief system that we perceive and interact with the world around us.

Right from the time of conception we are being programmed through our core belief level by mum and dad, and those whose care we are entrusted to. Through our ancestral memory we already hold beliefs and limitations that are handed down from one generation to another. We are influenced by the collective consciousness and are programmed by the world around us, and through the shared programs we hold we create reality.

The concept of creating reality is not a new one, and now more than ever awareness of this is spreading, with such films as ‘What the bleep do we know’ and ‘The Secret’. Until now no-one has clearly defined a workable model which is effective at healing and manifesting, blending ancient wisdom with quantum physics, creating a modality which anyone can learn, a system which anyone can use, and a pure connection to the co-creative part of an individual which can guide their creative power and help them to manifest the health and happiness they desire. Theta healing is the system we have waited for and it has come to us at the best possible time. Interestingly once working with it all the previous struggle and endless suffering falls away and we remember how to live life gracefully and with ease.

With Theta healing we learn to be consciously in control of the reality we create and through the reprogramming of the belief system we find that it is easy to change what’s possible. The possibilities are limitless and we come to understand that through the limitation of our own inherent belief programs, a fear driven reality has been created which holds us as slave to a reality in which we are controlled by circumstance.

Through Theta healing the understanding presents itself, we learn that all reality is subject to the patterns and programs we run and these can now be changed instantly.

All illness in the body is created either by a genetic defect, environmental toxicity or unresolved emotional issues which have become manifest as a physical imbalance. The body is always wishing to maintain balance but there can be beliefs within the subconscious mind which hold an illness in place. For example if someone has a disease and since having the disease has received love, care, attention from others, possibly for the first time, then at some level they may have an investment in remaining sick. The disease has brought love and care into their lives and they will do anything to keep it – even die.

There is always a reason for sickness and imbalance within the body. There are beliefs which create illness and hold the illness in place. Once these are removed then the body will go back to being balanced and healthy once more. This happens easily once programs for health and well being are introduced.

All aspects of Theta DNA Healing are carried out through a connection to Source. The practitioner is trained to lower his/her brain frequency to the Theta brainwave
4 – 7 cycles per second, and whilst in this altered state of consciousness is able to communicate clearly with The Creator and request that changes occur within the client. Changes can only occur with the client’s permission and so the practitioner acts as a bridge via which information is channelled pertaining to the limiting or out dated thought forms which are negatively affecting the person and creating ill health and unhappiness.

Clear methodology is used to determine which beliefs no longer serve the person’s highest good, and these are simply cleared and replaced with programs which serve the true essence of the individual – their Divine spark remembers its connection to Divinity and healing takes place with ease and grace.

Theta DNA Healing, also known as Theta Healing and The Orian Technique was discovered by medical intuitive, psychic and healer Vianna Stibal who was instantly healed of terminal cancer. Since then Vianna has spent her time sharing with others these amazing and simple, life changing techniques which connect a person to All that IS and teaches them to be all that they can be.

We are living in a time of important change, a time when a huge shift is occurring within consciousness, changing the way people think forever. Through the Theta brain wave information directing this change is coming through clear and fast. Those who have already trained as Theta practitioners are witnessing miracles. Psychic abilities are enhanced greatly as historically until this time it has not been safe to be seen to be a healer or a psychic - often there are deeply held subconscious beliefs that it is not safe to ‘shine’. All the ancestral fears can now be cleared, the Karma can be paid in full and the learning we searched for given without obligations to suffering or sacrifice.

Knowing that the answers lie within is one step on the path. Knowing that we can access all the answers when we connect through the Theta brainwave is fascinating. Learning to do so is easy. The most interesting things is that you are already creating your own reality, now you can learn to create the reality you wish to create every day, the reality which is in tune with the true essence of who you are; A divine spark shining out there in the world.

Health, happiness and abundance are your birthright – you can claim your birthright now.

Tracy Holloway

Clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist,
Theta DNA Healing teacher / practitioner

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Tracy Holloway

Tracy Holloway