The Amazing Power Of Colour

Last Updated: Friday 30th November 2007

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Have you ever wondered why some colours make you feel good and others have the opposite affect on you?

Colour is an amazing subject, and once you find out about the concept behind why colour affects us all, you will see how much it can help us in our every day lives. The power of colour was recognised by the ancient Egyptians, and used on a very wide scale to help heal and counsel. This amazing knowledge was thought to be passed on to the Egyptians by the survivors of Atlantis, who were experts in the use of colour light therapies, crystals and chakra balancing, among many other healing skills which we are now rediscovering.

To start to understand colour, we need to realise that everything in our universe is vibrating, and everything vibrates at its own special rate. Each colour in the visible spectrum has its own vibrational rate or frequency, and each colour also corresponds with an organ, part or system of the human body, or an emotional state, which also vibrates at that rate. For example, green is related to the heart, the circulatory system and indecision or a need for personal space .Whereas red is on the same frequency as the muscles, the adrenal glands which control many of our bodily functions It is also associated with passion, rage, ambition and aggression.

Our bodies are surrounded by layers of energy, known as the aura. Our auras are constantly changing according to how we are feeling, what we are thinking, the affects other people or our environments have on us, and this can be seen as colours in our auras. Some can see the colours around people, however most of us have forgotten how to be able to do this, generally because of the widespread use of modern technology and machines in our daily lives, and because many of us live indoors and have little need for sensing our environments anymore for our basic survival.

In order for us to feel our very best physically, mentally and emotionally, we need to ensure that we get at least twenty minutes a day of full spectrum light that is natural sunlight or daylight. If we don’t get this, perhaps because we are indoors, or are stressed, or the environment is polluted, then we start to show the effects of an imbalance in our system. Colour therapists can pinpoint which colours are lacking in their clients, using different methods, such as dowsing and colour selection They can then use techniques such as crystals, coloured lights, colour visualisation or change of diet, to rebalance the system, and so help alleviate symptoms and emotional blocks.

Aura Soma therapists can counsel and to help their client start to heal themselves by letting them select from a range of beautifully coloured bottles. Each bottle has a specific coded message according to its dual coloured combination, and from the clients selection of four bottles, the therapist can tell a lot about the client’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual state, as well as their innate gifts and talents, their challenges and their purpose in life.

On a lighter, but equally important side, a colour consultant can help you know which colours you look your best in, using your skin, hair and eye colour. Once you know which red you suit, you can then make sure that if you do want to feel upbeat and confident, that you wear the right shade!

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Jilly Greig

Jilly Greig

Jilly is a Wholistic therapist and specialise's in Colour therapy amongst other therapy's. She is an amazingly talented therapist who has worked hard to provide the client with as much help and support in there area of need as is possible.