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Last Updated: Friday 30th November 2007

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Ancient Oracles and many forms of Divination have been used since time began. Through the ages readers have used everything from bones, sticks, fire, stones, animal entrails, the Tarot, playing cards and Ruin Stones etc, etc. where ever and when ever possible.

These oracles have been consulted by people from all walks of life from the lay person to the highest echelons in royalty, in order to seek out what the future might hold as well as to help direct them to make future decisions.

For the purpose of this article we are going to focus on the Tarot and some of the hidden meanings and symbolisms behind it.

The exact origins of the Tarot are still a bit of a mystery, some say it originated in Italy whilst others say it came to Europe from the crusades. It has long since been associated with Gypsies, Spey wife’s, sage’s, clairvoyants and psychic as a divination tool to look at the future.

The pack itself holds 78 cards and is then broken down into two, the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana has 22 cards 0 – 22 and these are the most powerful in the pack. They hold the esoteric language and are embedded with symbolism and hidden meanings.

This area is so in-depth that it would be almost impossible to cover every aspect so for now I will proceed with two of the major arcane cards. Number 10 the wheel of fortune and number 13 death as they are known.

These two cards are in essence two sides of the one coin, for the wheel of fortune is also known as life and death is self explanatory. In everyday life we are constantly faced with the two areas as things are forever changing, nothing remains a constant.

The Death card with its symbol of a skeleton and sickle need not mean a physical ending, in fact more often than not it has a totally different meaning; it is probably the most misinterpreted card in the pack.
Death does bring an end but mainly to a situation that we have been faced with, at which point we then look for new life [the wheel of fortune] to inject some energy into the process.

The wheel depicts people turning on it revealing that life is a process, a cycle from birth through to adulthood and as such it will always be up and down, rain and shine, endings and beginnings. It is all about the mind set we have and how we deal with things that make the impact either smooth or turbulent.

Death marks something of a celebration where there an opening has been created to allow new and exciting events, situations and people to appear in your life. We can of course metaphorically speaking lie down and play dead if we choose because it becomes too much at times. However the learning we can encounter in accepting the next challenge may be life changing in itself. Transformation is a more apt name for death as it tells us the real story.

The wheel of fortune is no less than transformation also, as it brings with it new tasks, exciting adventure to conquer and as in alchemy a transformation of base metal into gold. The two cards are interactive and work as a part of each other, they cannot be separated and where one exists so must the other.

Our challenge may be to understand them at this level as well as using them to our advantage in the cycle of change. When experiencing a Tarot reading you are looking at the journey of your life, where it is, as well as the possibilities that lie ahead.

On reflection, there will never have been a time when you have not encountered change of some description in your life. That change will be nothing more than the way you view it that then establishes where you go from that point.

Joan Charles
Clairvoyant & Intuitive Consultant

Joan Charles

Joan Charles

For the past 25 years I have worked in both public and private sectors providing intuitive and personal development. I was previously the Sunday Post columnist providing the weekly star signs and psychic post bag and am a regular contributor to the media on the subject, working with various magazines and newspapers.

I have also worked in theatres in the UK providing psychic and spiritual demonstrations to the public.

My background in alternative health, and includes therapies such as Aromatherapy, Psychotherapy,
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My clients come from all walks of life, from business and professional areas, to anyone who has reached
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