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Last Updated: Friday 30th November 2007

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The latest set of signal we have received are the ones on The Law of Attraction [TLA] it has come to us loud and clear through The Secret the latest film / book. And it is almost an indication that the universe itself is crying out to us and saying “whatever you need is here, all you have to do is ask” the human element of us is the only thing that stands in our way from having the very things we want and that is we have a fabulous way of thinking about and focusing on the things we don’t have. In fact we are so skilled at it that we keep ourselves from the things that would make our life an absolute joy.

Why? Well one reason could be that we think it has to be difficult or else its of no worth, there has to be blood, sweat and tears before we can really say I did it or I got it. It could be that we are so conditioned with from a young age with phrases like a good job means a secure future, time out is lazy, we’re working class etc. sayings like this have been ingrained into our psyche forever.

The Secret to me is to break out of this conditioning and accepting that we have the right to anything we want or need in this life and that the more we can tap into this then the greater our experiences will be.

Now I have a few question’s, could it be that, assuming of course that you believe in re-incarnation the number of times a soul needs to returns need not be as many if indeed we are able in this life time to have all the experience’s we need? Did we decide this pre-birth? Have we in our greater consciousness decided to create this for some cosmic reason? Could it be that, that cycle is coming to an end and we are being prepared at a higher level for what is ahead? Or am I just creating this?

No matter what way you look at it there has to be a purpose for the signals we are having at this time they have not appeared for no reason and the reason may be up to each individual but remembering that if we are all interconnected then as a cosmic soul then things are shifting.

Personally I feel that we are entering into a new phase /energy where we are being taken through nursery again to re-learn that we can, at will, manifest our world in front of our eyes which I know does sound a bit futuristic. However this would mean that we would vibrate at a higher level and if that is the case could the next level of high school be that we have no need of material things if we can manifest as will?

So I invite you to think about what might be to come, I know that’s taking things a bit far ahead but it would be interesting to see even for yourselves what you think and then see what signals then turn up for you personally and in the world through the media.

I would be interested in hearing your feed back on this subject so feel free to e-mail me if it feels right.

Joan Charles
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Joan Charles

Joan Charles

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