The Law Of Attraction & The Power Of The Aura

Last Updated: Friday 30th November 2007

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We have heard so much of late about The Law of Attraction [LOA] which is just wonderful as it is another tool by which to awaken those who are asleep and also those of us who at times still have sleep in our eyes.
To work with our own energy and know that we have the power and potential to have and create anything is an amazing thought.
Indeed, what it says is that we no longer need to feel stuck in our mundane lives and more to the point we now have no excuse for doing so. Ok; we are still developing the tools we need to allow us to engage in this process, however we are on the way, and as we know every journey starts with the first step.

So, we are told that our thought process is the most powerful thing we possess and that by tapping into it we can create what we want / need. Re-membering that thought itself is energy then the more we utilise this the more we see the benefit. However as humans we like tools and or rituals so that we can actually feel like there is a way in which we can get there and this is where the Aura comes into its own.

After many years of research looking at the Aura and its many benefits I can see where it could be one of the many valuable tools we could use to allow us to tap in and begin to engage in making our own energy / identity work for us.
My aim is to take you on a trip of the Aura and allow you to see step by step just how it works and how you can use it to help you create your destiny.

So let us begin with the first layer of the Aura;

This sits about 2-4 inches from the body and is said to be a Bluish Grey haze, similar to when you drive along on a warm sunny day and it starts to rain, when the rain clears away you can see a haze rising from the ground and this is what the first layer is like.

It’s an exact copy of the physical body, made up of tiny shiny particles like a matrix. When there is disruption or dis-ease in this layer of the aura then it has a direct impact on the physical body. This layer related to our very roots, or our survival and how we are shaped. It is the soul expressed through the physical to sense and feel pain and pleasure, fight and flight, fear and excitement etc.

In this layer we make up through our beliefs the physical world we live in connecting with health and the things we need for survival. So piece by piece the jig-saw begins to form over a number of years and perhaps life times. In a sense, belief /s creates the world that we find ourselves in and as such the matrix at this layer becomes embedded with them.

If you have an interest in the Kabalah then you could compare this layer to the 10th sphere Malkuth when we find ourselves once again in the physical material world.

So in connection to the law of attraction we could say that at this very basic layer we are laying the foundations of who we are and how we experience at this level. The more we think and focus our thoughts and intentions on health and survival however that may be, and it is individual to each of us, then so it shall be. And in order to have the foundations that we want it is important for us to guard our thoughts and keep them positive if we are to attract the right things appear at this basic level.
More importantly the layer that corresponds to this one and is its double it the 5th Auric layer which we will come to as we progress through the layers. But for now perhaps this is enough to be giving you food for thought.

Joan Charles

Joan Charles

For the past 25 years I have worked in both public and private sectors providing intuitive and personal development. I was previously the Sunday Post columnist providing the weekly star signs and psychic post bag and am a regular contributor to the media on the subject, working with various magazines and newspapers.

I have also worked in theatres in the UK providing psychic and spiritual demonstrations to the public.

My background in alternative health, and includes therapies such as Aromatherapy, Psychotherapy,
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