Living in A Better World.

Last Updated: Thursday 6th December 2007

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Living in A Better World.

Each and every waking day we are generally met with news of yet some other problem within our World, be it some form of disaster, a murder case, a missing child an outbreak of War and the list goes on, on this basis alone it seems to make a mockery of the subject title.
The question so many have asked through history is ‘will we ever see a time of peace‘? A World which will be better for us all?
In all honesty as things stand the simple answer to this is NO for day by day the World and society's within seem to be going further down the pan. We see gatherings of the Worlds leaders, Heads of State and Senators, highlighted so often in our media where talks reign, year after year talks take place in the hope of a solution but still no solution is found.
One of the main crux's which we see regularly enforced is that countries go to War in order as they to make Peace occur, but at what cost to mankind and Mother Earth herself, surely this is not the answer.
Even and today on our very own doorsteps I'm sure you would find some form of negative element about where you live and how you’d like to see it altered or bettered for the benefit and safety of all, so we ask is there any way forward for us, can we ever hope of Living in a better World.

Many people turn to God in the hope of finding the answers to many of these questions, but Religion itself certainly doesn't seem to give any long term results, with over 4,200 known Religions, Cults, Faiths and Denominations that exist to date it sure seems as though people of our World are desperate to find help with these problems. But how many even stop to realise that the very word Religion which derives from the Latin word Reli - Gare [which, when translated means to unite] are perhaps behind many of our problems with the ill advice they offer, with false promise of salvation through them. If indeed Religion was the key then why so many?, why so many standing alone not united as one?, why do so many state each other to be wrong?

Would it surprise you to learn that within society today many individuals have found a solution to the questions above and even now are working be it directly or indirectly to strive to achieve results. These people have been given a deeper understanding of the World and of those within in the way they work, they are not Religious they are not political, but they are Spiritual.

Being Spiritual doesn't mean going to church once a week but it means far more, it means adopting a way of life, a life inspired by those who can see where things went wrong and are now asking us to work together to make the changes needed.
So who are these ones we speak of and how can we make these changes?

As we grow through life we are tutored by parents, school teachers or some other form of adult responsibility, we look to them to teach us for it is them who have experienced far more than us at this time of growth, they have been educated and now share this with us, but what of these grownup’s who continues to educate them, helping them to understand where things have gone wrong, do they simply discover the answers by coincidence, certainly not.

Because of events of life many refuse to accept where this teaching comes from they walk blindly in life filled with rage and yet still seek to learn.
Upon the physical death we have been taught in many circles that we rise to Heaven and are subsequently judged for our earthly actions, thereby deciding if it be Heaven or Hell in which we enter, but what and if this concept was incorrect, that a slightly different slant was placed here, for from this concept it seems we are not offered any alternative.
What if however that upon actual death we are offered an opportunity to continue learning, correcting our Earthly mistakes and in turn giving aid to those still remaining, enlightening a way forward.

The existence of life was not for the purpose of death and hatred but for the purpose of life in Love, Harmony and Peace and this still exists in the realms of Spirit or the afterlife and they have for so long been trying to show us here how to instigate this in a physical manner.
Our loved ones, family members, friends do not like what they now see from way up high, they can now see where changes need to be made and have been trying for literally hundreds of years to instil this to us and finally it seems to be working, although very slowly.

Indeed friends, the World of Spirit or as you might deem to call it Heaven does exist, a place where most pass to upon the physical death and I say most for there are those who refuse to cross or get confused about what happens next and remain among us in our physical World, many of you refer to them as Ghosts’.

We as a race of intelligent beings are now being asked to listen carefully to what they are saying, not mocking this idea, not trying to bring it down, not trying to better it, for what they are saying is being spoken for the good of all. Those who now live in an existence of Spirit are asking us to make these changes by coming together, working together as one, not divided but united. The changes toward a better place to live have begun, although in small steps.
The most important way of change is preparing the future for those who grow behind us, namely our children for it is they that will take the lead in making a more positive change in our World.

Spirit have stated to begin this process we now need to give aid to the many Spirit beings still trapped here in our realm, and this has begun. If we come together and show a united gathering, this shows we are concerned for what has been spoken, so by coming together in this manner we can offer our positive thought and indeed love toward the many. By uniting together in what has been described as a En Masse Passover the many present will create such an energy of love and positive thought that we can help form a bridge of light, thereby, helping the many to cross into their respective places.
Okay so we do this, but how does this help our future plans of World peace?.

Since the millennium we have seen an increase of children being born and these children are special children, they have been called Indigo children, children who will grow with a special understanding and connection to those within Spirit, these children will and as many often state’ He / She’s been here before’, or this ones got an old head on young shoulders.....How true these statements are, for the children being reborn carry the Spirit or Soul of many from the realms of Spirit who know what needs to be done, the En Masse Passover is designed to help old souls cross, for the purpose of being reborn, to give aid in a physical way to help our World change, to be a better place in which to live.

An International Event known as Parafest, held the World over is the place in which people who understand and desire to help gather, in many countries on specific days and times all link together to create this combined energy of love and it is to you we now appeal.

No matter who you are, what ever your background, race colour, creed or religious teaching, Spirit are asking you to unite as one with us for the betterment of our World.

Together We Can Make a Difference. is the official website of where to find us and where the events will be.

Love, Light and Peace To You All

David Wharmby UK International Trance Medium

David Wharmby

David Wharmby