Radionics: A Diagnostic and Distance Healing Tool

Last Updated: Wednesday 5th December 2007

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Radionics: A Diagnostic and Distance Healing Tool

Radionics isn’t new but it isn’t often seen in mainstream complementary therapies – though it’s certainly appearing more and more. As a technology-based healing tool, it had evolved over 90 or so years to become a sophisticated medium for emotional and physical diagnosis, healing, distance healing purposes.
This instrument has bought structure, order and direction to spiritual healing by identifying specific weaknesses within the client’s aura or ‘subtle energy field’. This information is used by the therapist to make a diagnosis, which can be achieved without the client being present. Once the diagnosis is made, the therapist can, in turn, send specific healing energies to their client, irrespective of whether their client is a person, animal or even plant – and completely irrespective of where they live in the world.
Originally, Radionics was known as the ‘Electronic Reactions of Abrams’, or ‘ERA’. It was the brainchild of American-born Albert Abrams MD. Abrams, born in 1863, was a controversial figure whose work suggested that, “Dis-ease is a form of imbalance of the electrons of the atoms of dis-eased tissue (rather than cellular imbalance), and that dis-ease could therefore be studied as a form of radiating energy. Radiating energy from dis-eased tissue may be sensed after it has traveled through the body/tissues of a healthy person and/or along a wire.”
Abrams went on to detail the sounds that correlated with different dis-eases and measure the resistance (in Ohms) of a wide range of conditions and disorders. These measurements are known as ‘Radionic Rates’ and a catalogue of Rates has been kept and updated over the years to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness.
Abrams’ work was further enhanced by Dr Ruth Down - a chiropractor and a student of the esoteric - in the 1930s. This remarkable woman introduced the concept of a ‘sample’ or ‘witness’ – samples that come in the form of the client’s signature, fingernails, blood or hair. It could be said that the ancient shamanic ways of working in the etherics were bought into the twentieth century and called distance healing thanks to her work. Dr Down also redesigned the Radionics equipment into a compact system that provided a greater flexibility and greater range.
In the 1960s, Radionics attracted a number of vibrational energy pioneers who became active in the field – Lavender Dower, George De La Warr, Dr W. Guyon Richards and, last but not least, David Tansley. Tansley joined the Radionic Association in 1967 and blended his knowledge of Energy Medicine and Eastern philosophy with the Western-style approach of Radionics. By doing so, he continued Ruth Downs work.
During the 1980s, Malcolm Rae further transformed and refined conventional Radionics process by using pendulum dousing techniques and applying geometry (geo = earth, metria = measure). Rae discovered that, when dowsing around a circle with a pendulum, the pendulum responded to the Earth’s magnetic field. He marked these reactions within the circle and called them ‘radial lines’, with each line representing one degree.
Picking up on the earths magnetism in this way resulted in the development of the Rae Chart, which and again sped up the diagnosis and healing process. The result was more than 25,000 cards in his Magneto-Geometric Applications system.
Further efforts in seeking the full potential of Radionics is still ongoing, with Sue and Simon Lilly working applying astrology, carefully worded goals and affirmations to the Rae Chart along with the clients name, date of birth and a crystal. Utilising the Rae charts in this way means it can also be adapted to suit spiritual, mental and emotional issues, going far beyond just the physical. The ramifications of this are that a Rae Chart can be drawn up and activated without the use of the associated machines.
To my mind, Radionics and the Rae Chart are two of the forerunners of all the distance healing techniques that are available today. I find the Charts invaluable, they are an essential part of both my healing chest as well as by work as a psychic.
Elizabeth Francis
24 09 2007
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Elizabeth Frances

Elizabeth Francis

A former corporate player in the oil and gas industries, Elizabeth Francis (G.ICGT Con. MBAPS) has achieved a complete turnaround to become an international multi-skilled psychic complementary health therapist. Elizabeth, also known as Stephanie Ni Mhaille, uses her inherent skills of channelling, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to assist people to assist themselves. She is a past and future lives seer, a shaman, a medium, a spell affirmation caster and a remote viewer.

Psychic since birth, Elizabeth has actively worked in the field for 19 years and become one of the country's leading psychics, as well as an international reader. Elizabeth became an independent Psychic Medium in 1998, has worked with Derek Acorah and became a Consultant Member of Russell Grant's BAPS in 2003. Elizabeth has appeared on the Steve Nolan Show, in the Spirit Trap - A Ghost Story documentary and has had articles published in several magazines. Elizabeth is also a complementary health therapist, having gained her qualifications in counseling, anatomy and physiology with the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists in 1997. She is also a Member of the Affiliation of Crystal & Gem Therapists and is qualified as a Bowen Therapist (Grade I).

In 1995, Elizabeth launched her Feng Shui Vibrational Energy Products (VEPs), a range of advanced de-stressing and self-healing products that automatically heal the earth when used. Although a specialized market, these products are now being sold world wide through the web site In 2004 the VEPs were recognised by various Elders of the Aboriginal Council in Australia. Violet, The Law Woman for the entire Aboriginal race and a member of the Central Aboriginal Council, described the VEPs as ‘Awesome' and gave the company permission to promote the VEPs in the Aboriginal Land. The VEPs were the given the “All Clear” on the Elders spiritual network. Even after 10 years, the VEPs are still considered to be at the cutting edge of the complementary and spiritual markets.

Elizabeth says, "To my mind, there are no failures or mistakes, simply learning curves. We all have learning curves to experience - and usually more than once - from different perspectives. But then isn't that what we are all here for, to balance Karma, create Dharma and thereby evolve?"