Understanding Medical Intuition and the Power of Intention

Last Updated: Thursday 6th December 2007

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Understanding Medical Intuition and the Power of Intention
By Eva Herr
404 513 2895

Understanding medical intuition is a three part discovery, almost like driving a car.

a) You learn all of the parts of the car, or your body in this instance;
b) You learn how all of the parts work together; and lastly
c) Learn to interpret the various subtle communications the car, or in
this case, your body, presents as it begins to malfunction.

Learning the parts of the car is divided into categories which I call organs and body systems as set forth below:

The Brain: the brain includes the brain, nervous system and the heart, to some extent, but only as it relates to electrical firings. I am of the opinion that most firing issues within the brain are caused by what I call too much artificial energy passing through our energy fields. The brains' receptors can only handle so much artificial energy. Artificial energy does not resonate with the body's electromagnetic field, therefore firing issues with the receptors and myelin sheath occur causing malignancies, sleep and behavior problems.

The Throat: the throat includes all control mechanisms such as the thyroid, thymus and the hypothalamus. Its relative body organs involve the regulation of "too much" and too little" as it relates to speaking your mind, as well as the silent controls of "too much" and "too little," such as too much and/or too little hormones and endorphins released from suppression or assertion of your emotions.

The Heart: the heart is the regulator and storage organ, actually muscle, but organ as far as your body is concerned, of all love and hate issues. The issues of love and hate are as thin as a dime and though you may not recognize the issues as "love" or "hate", your body does. Your heart recognizes every emotion you have as love or hate to some degree. Issues of the heart, though complex, are simple when viewed from the proper perspective, it is learning to understand the significance of these perspectives that matter.

Dr. Rollin McCraty of the Heartmath Research Institute says "…changes in blood pressure, electromagnetic frequency of the organs, sound pressure of the oscillating cells, cardiac rhythmic activity and the intermittent pulses of the heart found between each beart are all found to be distinctly and directly influenced by negative emotions. It has been scientifically proven that these patterns are distinctly altered when emotions are experienced."

In a heated discussion, as far as the car is concerned, there are two positions, "Off" (love) or "On" (hate), which causes your body to release proteins or antigens that are a known cause of plaque. These antigens continue to release for up to four hours after you stop thinking about the incident! If you learn to turn the heart/car off, you learn to control the plaque causing mechanism.

The magnetic component of the heart's electrical field is about 5,000 stronger than that of the brain and is not impeded by any tissues. The electrical component of the heart is about 60 times stronger than that of the brain, both of which are detectable in any EKG/ECG. In other words, it can be measured several feet away by what is called a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device based on magnetometers, Rollin McCraty, PhD, Heartmath Research Institute. It is these altered patterns that I believe I detect in my readings and these patterns that you too can learn to detect.

Each emotion is stored in a different part of your body and it is this firing mechanism that directs the emotion where to store.

The Abdomen: this is your tangible key to control it all. Information is received from your "car's" diagnostic system through your abdomen. It is now known by modern science that the abdomen and all of the major organs are lined with neurons. Neurons are nerve cells and the purpose of nerve cells is to talk. If you will pay attention to your abdomen during an experience of negative emotion, about two inches below your ribs and about an inch or so above your naval, you will find a sense of heightened awareness that feels somewhat like it feels when a policeman comes up behind you and turns on the blue light, though much more subtle. This feeling is an indication to you that the neurons are firing, sending signals through the heart's electromagnetic field to the brain, and triggering the firing of neurotransmitters and neuropeptides. This firing is the ultimate cause of the disease process in the organs of your body.

If you can learn to identify this subtle feeling in your abdomen, you can learn to control your health. It is here where you can identify the "pings" and "knocks" of the car which is the ultimate determining factor of whether your car runs smoothly or breaks down. Pay attention to this subtle feeling!

The Lower Abdomen: the lower abdomen consists of all of the reproductive systems. This area and the heart are the greatest cause of illness in society today and are all love and hate based in one form or another. All issues in this area are based upon nurturing, or lack thereof. In women, these issues manifest in the uterus, ovaries, cervix and breast. In men, they manifest in the prostate, scrotum, testicles and penis.

For women, disease in the uterus, ovaries and cervix, you will usually find issues that relate to improper nurturing by a caregiver, typically, a mother, father or a spouse.

Breast issues are unique in that they normally involve sexual abuse of some type. I cannot stress enough, if you have been touched inappropriately, please pay close attention to this area. A subtle discomfort, pain or discharge from the nipple is warning you that something is smoldering within.

Women also develop breast issues when they are abused by a spouse or lover. This can also be interpreted as being touch by someone you cannot stand to touch you.

Men who weren't nurtured in the manner in which it was needed, will usually develop prostate or testicular problems. Men who were touched inappropriately will manifest issues with their prostate, scrotum and other reproductive organs. Men do not typically present with lack of nurturing issues caused by marriage, but rather lack of emotional support which brings us to the next area of dis-ease.

The Support System: the support system of your body, the bony fragments, muscular and soft tissues of your skeletal system carries lack of support issues. The bony fragments of the spine and joints usually manifest from worrying about financial issues and the soft tissues, including the arch of the feet carry lack of emotional support issues.

Kidneys and Lungs: these organs carry issues of filtering, "what to do, what to do, what to do." If you constantly worry about "what to do" and take don't take action, you are likely to manifest problems in one of these areas. The exact location will depend on the nature of the filtering issue. Kidneys, relative to kidney infections, are usually related to love and hate issues of the heart and the lungs are usually related to issues of self worthiness.

Vital Gut Organs: these organs will hold emotions related to "too much shit" in your life, thus the nature of the dis-ease related symptom. If you have these issues, you need to learn to set boundaries.

Bladder and Urinary Tract: these organs usually hold emotions that revolve around control issues. Are you a controller or are you controlled by someone. These issues usually present as bladder control and kidney stones.

Pancreas: the pancreas also has to do with control, but in a different perspective. It has more to do with how much in control of your life are you? Having resentment for too many people to take care of that can take care of themselves. Stomach and esophagus issues result from the pancreas secreting too many acid causing enzymes resulting in ulcers, reflux and other similar issues.

The bottom line is, everything is about frequency. Your cells vibrate at a certain frequency and when you experience negative emotions, you change the vibrational frequency of the particular organs where those emotions store. Negative energy slows down the vibrational frequency of the organs, thus making them more dense, to-wit cancer and heart disease. You can reset this frequency using agape and acceptance techniques. You can even reverse the effects of energy and restore your health if you don't wait until it is irreversible.

It takes work to heal illness. The illness didn't appear overnight and it won't go away overnight. But go away it will if you change your perspective of the negativity in the world. Live in the moment. Not what was, or what might be, but what simply is in the exact moment.

Agape, Eva Herr

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Agape, The Intent of the Soul, Eva Herr

Join me on my weekly radio show, The Healing of Agape, www.bbsradio.com on topics of consciousness, the cutting edge science supporting consciousness, alternative energy and alternative medicine.

As a teacher, few people are as gifted a teacher as this woman. She will bring hope to your futue in ways you cannot imagine. She can teach you how to manifest your dreams, raise your consciousness, control your health and change the world around you through the simple raising of your consciousness and implementation of agape, unconditional love for your fellow mankind. Dr. Roy Scruggs, NASA physicist on Apollo 13

Eva Herr always had a normal career, that of being a litigation paralegal. But since May, 2003, she has a career as a health and emotional intuitive. As a result of a "dark night of the soul" in 1992, when during a six week or so period her son was kidnapped by her own mother, she lost her job, she became pregnant, wasn't married and her father died suddenly .

"An experience like that would bring anyone to their knees and that is exactly what it did to me. Unfortunately, it takes something like that most of the time in order for one to understand that the real mission of life is simply submission to God, the Oneness, I AM. You can feel it within you, your frequency begins to raise and you begin to "hear". Follow it, minute by minute, for it is the wisdom of All There Is. When one does this, amazing things will begin to happen in your life. It will even begin to happen synchronistically without any action having been performed by you. It is all about vibrational frequencies. Everything is vibrating at an exact frequency."

Eva experienced an afterlife encounter in 1996 and underwent a paradigm shift in consciousness that forever changed her life. Since the shift of consciousness she has been able to feel the Oneness and peace of the fourth dimension and the pure understanding that we are indeed all One.

"It is an amazing experience. I hate to put it this way, but it is the best description that I can come up with. It is like trying to describe an orgasm to someone who has never experienced one. It's impossible to describe."

As a result of the consciousness shift, she can now detect vibrational frequency changes within the bodily organs and systems on a cellular level. She is able to discern the underlying emotional cause of the illness and the person in your life connected to the emotion.

She woke up knowing things and people she hadn't known before, specifically Dannion Brinkley and Dr. Raymond Moody, who she says are now friends and that " they are both wonderful people and have both been a tremendous inspiration for my life;" and the works of Caroline Myss, though she didn't know Myss specifically.

Through the consciousness shift, a wonderful gift evolved through Eva. She can teach this ability to others but notes that it would take great dedication and hard work.

Her comments as to Vibrational Medicine:

"Everything is made up of atoms and we all know atoms vibrate. Each type of specialized cell within your body vibrates at a different frequency. If this vibrational frequency gets off, which it does over time, it can cause mutational changes to take place or heart disease to manifest due to various chemical reactions that occur within the body. The vibration has to be maintained at a healthy frequency to prevent illness -- for vibrational medicine is preventing illness, not treating illness."

Her Comments on Consciousness and Oneness, the I AM:

"I suddenly understood total submission and agape, unconditional love for every person as you love yourself. That loving another was in fact, loving yourself, because we are all One. Also to trust, simply trust and don't resist. Don't worry about what is happening next week. Just be in the moment, for whatever is happening in the moment is what is supposed to be happening. It is perfect for the experience that the Consciousness of all there is, is attempting to experience through you. Follow that attraction that draws you deep inside it will lead you to peace and happiness for you will find that you need nothing but yourself to be happy."

"…there is a major shift of consciousness taking place right now and we are all gravitating to one another... we are all students, though not required, if necessary, find a teacher whose understanding exceeds your own and learn something new. Take advantage, learn how to manifest, learn how to hear the Consciousness of all there is. Manifest your reality and perfect health by learning forgiveness and raising your consciousness. Through forgiveness you can control your emotions, thus controlling your health. For your emotions ARE your health!"

Her Comments as to Shifts in Consciousness:

A shift of conscious is real, something really happens, it cannot be denied for those that have experienced it. And "NO" you are not going crazy! It can take over and change your life as you now know it if you are not careful. That's where a good mentor comes in handy.

For example, some indications of an approaching shift in consciousness are:

Intermittent thoughts that "there must be something more"; "there is a void in your life which cannot be filled by anything you can buy" or "a sudden extreme compassion and agape for all living things" or "a sudden vast understanding of the "big picture.

A "dark night of the soul", which to best describe is to feel you have absolutely no hope and no where to turn. You give up. And then, something happens that changes your life, an understanding, a feeling of contentment and an "I can do this!" attitude takes over because everything is perfect. It was nothing that you could have caused to happen. It just happens and you become "different".

A sudden knowledge that you know things that other people don't know and they don't know they don't know it. However you know the instant they open their mouth...

You find yourself "seeking" hopefully to "find"...

Sickness erupts, surgical issues, depression, obsessive compulsions and sensitivities to external stimulation;

Synchronicities occur, lots of synchronicities. Pay attention to these. They are the green lights that you are on the right road. Miss one, and you will find yourself on a bumpy dirt road; and

You find that loved ones resent the new you.. they don't understand the "change" and conflict occurs.

All of these things are vibrational frequency issues. When these things happen, the frequency of your body is changing in preparation to raise your vibration. Are you ready for the shift?

If you are interested in individual or group mentoring, satsungs, workshops or readings she may be reached at 404 513 2895 or by email at:

Eva Herr, www.evaherr.com, the host of Infinite Consciousness, experienced a life after death experience in 1995. After the experience she developed profound medical intuitive abilities, and a vast understanding of human consciousness. She is now respected around the world for her medical intuitive abilities and understanding of consciousness. Each week she interviews a leading luminary regarding science and human consciousness, alternative medicine and alternative fuel such as William Tiller, Dean Radin, Irvin Laszlo, Amit Goswami, Stanley Krippner, Stanislav Groff, among others.
Agape, Eva

Eva Herr

Eva Herr

If you are interested in individual or group mentoring, satsungs, workshops or readings she may be reached at 404 513 2895 or by email at:


Eva Herr, www.evaherr.com,

The is host of Infinite Consciousness, experienced a life after death experience in 1995. After the experience she developed profound medical intuitive abilities, and a vast understanding of human consciousness. She is now respected around the world for her medical intuitive abilities and understanding of consciousness. Each week she interviews a leading luminary regarding science and human consciousness, alternative medicine and alternative fuel such as William Tiller, Dean Radin, Irvin Laszlo, Amit Goswami, Stanley Krippner, Stanislav Groff, among others.
Agape, Eva