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Channelling, also known as Mental Mediumship, takes place when a person is used literally as channel, to relay messages from the pure realms of Spirit and non-corporeal entities. It occurs when messages from the ethereal planes need to be received by those on the Earth plane and, to facilitate this, the Higher-self and the conscious mind must connect. These connections happen all the time - they have to, they’re a part of our thinking process. Most people recognise these connections as instincts or hunches, “sixth sense” and “an inspired thought, act or deed”. This method of communication has been around in one form or another for aeons and is an integral part of many religions: including Christianity, Budism, Vodou and Spiritism (not spiritualism).

In other words, we all channel, to a lesser or greater degree, but usually without realising it. Channelling often takes the form of blurting something out that we have no conscious intention of saying, though sometimes the Channel’s voice can change even if they don’t go into trance. When the channelling makes itself obvious, it can be a bit of a shock and quite scary. The most common reaction for people who first find themselves channelling is concern that they are becoming mentally impaired. Others fear a demonic being is possessing them. In fact, all that is happening is they are starting to interact with Spirit on a conscious level.

A person cannot channel unless their Higher-self has agreed to do so. Often, this agreement takes place without the conscious self knowing. The Higher-self agrees because, firstly, it knows best and, secondly, it knows its corporeal self can serve only for the greater good. By that I mean that the Higher-self is a family member of an Oversoul, who in turn, along with over Oversouls, is a family member of the Collective. There are lines of communications are open all the time between the Collective, the Oversoul and individual members within the Oversoul. Think of them as a massive, sophisticated and spiritual telecommunications system that has a limitless conference call facility.

We all use these spiritual telephones in the same fashion as well do the Earth versions – and for just as many reasons. We can chat other members of our Oversoul family or to conversing members of another Oversoul. We also have a direct line of communication with the Collective. The subject of these conversations can range from having a giggle with an old friend to receiving guidance and information, all of which help us live our lives whilst we are on the Earth plane.
Channelling is a way of bringing these conversations to our conscious selves.

There are various ways channelling can occur. As mentioned, some individuals go into trances, whilst others don’t know they’re Channelling until after the event. Automatic hand writing/typing is also a form of channelling. Whichever method is preferred, with practice, it becomes possible to ask specific questions and receive specific answers. Professional Channels such as myself, have learned to consciously access the psychic “telecommunications network”.

Channelling enabled me to produce the “Feng Shui Vibrational Energy Products”, something I know I could not have achieved without this form of guidance and support. Furthermore, Channelling is an integral part of me functioning as a professional psychic. Unfortunately, it has been known for some very gifted, intelligent and caring people follow the information they receive from channelling to the letter and then wonder why have been left up a creek without a paddle. Their predicament is caused by the fact that what goes on in the realms of spirit is very different to the Earth plane. Rational and logic are the only tools available to ensure that the channelled message isn’t unwittingly misinterpreted by the channel. Without using commonsense and pragmatism, the message will get lost or changed in translation.

Reading all this, it may appear that humans are nothing more than automated puppets with Spirit as the puppeteer. This very definitely isn’t the case. As humans, our most control mechanism is free will which we enforce through informed or uninformed decision making and, believe it or not, our ego. Ego stops the channelling process from taking place, despite the connection being made. Ego is what makes us human along with id and super-ego, which when combined makes up our psyche. In other words our own psyche enables the process to start and stop.

All inspired works, ranging from the controversial Mozart Effect to J K Rowling, can be contributed to channelling. How do you think the gospels, which were written decades (and in some cases centuries) after Jesus’s death, were written? I must stress, though, that such works wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the people who produced them. In other words, Spirit needs us just as much as we need it. Together, Spirit and humans create a force to be reckoned with and Channelling is one of the factors that enables this team to exist.

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Elizabeth Frances

Elizabeth Francis

A former corporate player in the oil and gas industries, Elizabeth Francis (G.ICGT Con. MBAPS) has achieved a complete turnaround to become an international multi-skilled psychic complementary health therapist. Elizabeth, also known as Stephanie Ni Mhaille, uses her inherent skills of channelling, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to assist people to assist themselves. She is a past and future lives seer, a shaman, a medium, a spell affirmation caster and a remote viewer.

Psychic since birth, Elizabeth has actively worked in the field for 19 years and become one of the country's leading psychics, as well as an international reader. Elizabeth became an independent Psychic Medium in 1998, has worked with Derek Acorah and became a Consultant Member of Russell Grant's BAPS in 2003. Elizabeth has appeared on the Steve Nolan Show, in the Spirit Trap - A Ghost Story documentary and has had articles published in several magazines. Elizabeth is also a complementary health therapist, having gained her qualifications in counseling, anatomy and physiology with the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists in 1997. She is also a Member of the Affiliation of Crystal & Gem Therapists and is qualified as a Bowen Therapist (Grade I).

In 1995, Elizabeth launched her Feng Shui Vibrational Energy Products (VEPs), a range of advanced de-stressing and self-healing products that automatically heal the earth when used. Although a specialized market, these products are now being sold world wide through the web site In 2004 the VEPs were recognised by various Elders of the Aboriginal Council in Australia. Violet, The Law Woman for the entire Aboriginal race and a member of the Central Aboriginal Council, described the VEPs as ‘Awesome' and gave the company permission to promote the VEPs in the Aboriginal Land. The VEPs were the given the “All Clear” on the Elders spiritual network. Even after 10 years, the VEPs are still considered to be at the cutting edge of the complementary and spiritual markets.

Elizabeth says, "To my mind, there are no failures or mistakes, simply learning curves. We all have learning curves to experience - and usually more than once - from different perspectives. But then isn't that what we are all here for, to balance Karma, create Dharma and thereby evolve?"