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Last Updated: Friday 7th December 2007

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by Diana Cooper

Our social fabric is breaking down, religious dogma is being questioned, technology and medical advances are accelerating more quickly than our spiritual understanding and so we are left with huge dilemmas. Life on Earth seems very puzzling or even downright inexplicable to so many people. Yet there is a reason and higher purpose behind situations and circumstances. When you connect with the angels they offer understanding, comfort, hope and inspiration in response to your questions.
One of the commonest questions I am asked is, ‘Why does God let disasters happen?’ The answer is that God doesn’t. God offered humans free will and then does not interfere. Disasters are the natural result of collective human karma. Having given us free will to love or destroy God stands back and witnesses our actions.

Listening to your Guardian Angel
Everyone is given a Guardian Angel who holds the divine blueprint of the highest possibilities for our soul. He constantly whispers to us the path that would bring us most love, the decision that will help us, the choice that will ultimately satisfy our soul. And we have free will to listen or to ignore this divine guidance.
The way to listen is to quieten your thoughts. Either meditate or if you find this difficult, walk quietly in nature. Your angel will telepathically drop suggestions into your mind. If this fails he will arrange for you to listen to the radio programme or read a book or overhear a conversation in which the answer you need is encapsulated. Your angel is always trying to help you.

Why is life so unfair? This is another question I am often asked. On a human level it may seem unfair but on a spiritual level all is perfect. Your soul makes choices before you incarnate, based on your past life experiences. This higher aspect of you may choose healthy or challenging genetic pre-dispositions, poverty or wealth, loving or difficult parents, so that you can learn and grow spiritually. Nothing happens by chance so whatever your soul has chosen offers you an opportunity to evolve.

Where was his angel when my child was drowned? This is one of those heartrending questions that often come my way. The answer is that your child’s angel was holding him lovingly and helping him to make the adjustment to leaving his body. If it had not been your child’s time to die, his angel would have ‘miraculously’ saved him.
Of course, people want to be reassured that their loved one did not feel pain as they died and that they passed over well. I remember one mother telling me that her child had fallen from a window. Not surprisingly she was very distressed every time she thought about it. The angels reassured me that the child had but a moment of fear before they enfolded his spirit and took him to the light.

While we are incarnate in a physical body and are struggling with emotions, health issues, the fight to earn a living and bring our children up appropriately, we often lose connection with the spiritual overview. I find it helps me to remember that nothing can happen to me unless my soul has agreed to it, either to teach me or so that my experience can assist others. This applies to circumstances, accidents, ill health and even death. Part of the task of your Guardian Angel is to ensure that the commands of your soul or higher self are obeyed. Of course, your angel will lift you out of danger if it is not your time to die. But if it is the time agreed by your soul, however young you are, the angels must step aside and allow fate to take its course.

Our level of personal spiritual responsibility is very interesting. For my book Angel Answers I asked, ‘What about the karma of banks and other financial institutions who charge high rates of interest on money that they don’t even have? Do they have no responsibility for the suffering they cause?’
The answer was, ‘Yes they do. Each individual who acts as an agent for a spiritually corrupt organisation takes on a proportion of the karma. The more responsible your position the more debt you incur.’

Angels offer practical and inspiring guidance. When someone said to me,‘I work for a debt collecting agency and am expected to use dubious methods. I hate my job but cannot find anything else. What can I do?’ the angels replied, ‘Every single individual creates their own reality. Your current situation is the result of your beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, words, actions and choices. If you wish to change your life, you must transform your inner world. You can start immediately by making constant affirmations about your self worth, value and ability to find the perfect spiritually enhancing job. Then decide what you really want to do and focus on your vision. This is your way of impressing on the universe that you are ready to move into something new, honourable and fulfilling.’ They then suggested affirmations and an exercise to gain clarity about the sort of job he would really like and then a separate exercise to enable him to manifest and find his perfect work.

In former times everyone sent flowers to funerals and the people of those times were much closer to the spiritual truths than we are. I decided to ask ‘Is there any point in sending flowers to funerals?’ and the reply was, ‘Flowers contain a pure spiritual essence. The angels are able to extract this and amplify it on the inner planes, then they use it to help the spirit of the person who has passed. Flowers also raise the energy at funerals which helps the bereaved as well as the deceased.’

Although they have never experienced the challenges of life in a physical body, angels can help us activate the spiritual laws which bring about the change we desire.
All we have to do is ask.

Angel Answers published by Hodder Mobius is Diana Cooper’s fourteenth spiritual book.

Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper received an angel visitation during a time of personal crisis, which inspired her to change her life. She now travels worldwide facilitating workshops, spreading the wisdom and light of the angels, Ascended Masters and Atlantis.

She has appeared frequently on television worldwide and inspired thousands of people to fulfil their spiritual potential. Diana has published 14 books in over 20 languages. Well known for her work with angels, she has now been guided to bring forward the sacred wisdom of Atlantis and her book, Discover Atlantis, explores the wonders of this extraordinary time. She is constantly accompanied by her angels and unicorns, who work through her. She enables people to access their spiritual gifts and psychic potential and connects them to their own angels, guides, Masters and unicorns.

Diana is the Principal of The Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension, which offers certificated teaching courses throughout the world and organises Angel Awareness Day annually.