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Last Updated: Friday 7th December 2007

©Jude Currivan PhD

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Two and a half thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher Plato described the physical world in symbolic terms. He envisaged himself sitting at the mouth of a cave facing into the gloom within. As the light of the Sun behind him shone into the cave it projected the world as an inter-play of light and shadow onto its rear wall. But oblivious to the reality of the Sun - the true source of creation – in peering into the cave he only perceived the resultant effects of its illumination.

As Plato encouraged his initiates to look beyond the effects of the physical world to perceive the spiritual Sun of their creator – so science too may now be on the threshold of turning to face the creative Spirit of Plato’s Sun.

Revolutionary discoveries and theories that may ultimately describe the entirety of Nature are offering the promise of at last reconciling science and Spirit. For they are revealing that the entire universe of space and time and everything within it may be a holographic projection of cosmic mind.

Cosmic harmony

A hologram is produced when a single beam of the coherent light of a laser is split into two. One beam is bounced off the object to be photographed, the second beam is aligned to interfere with the reflected light of the first and the resulting wave pattern is recorded on film. A three-dimensional holographic image of the object is then projected when light is shone through the two-dimensional film.

The hologram’s innate harmonic nature recreates the entirety of an object or system in every tiny part of its three-dimensional image. For example, if a hologram of an apple were to be sub-divided into millions of pieces, every piece would reveal the entirety of the apple.

The ancient philosophers understood that archetypal patterns of harmony underlie the manifest world. And their intuitive insights are now re-emerging in the holographic view of the universe.

The wave/particles of quantum energy fields are now theorised to be ultra-minute waveforms called strings. Vibrating harmonically in multi-dimensions, they form the fundamental ‘notes’ of the cosmic symphony that we discern as the energies and matter of the manifest world.

Further constituents of the holographic Cosmos are also emerging. Termed branes, they too are multi-dimensional objects that may form the framework within which strings vibrate. Incredibly they may also form a limit to what we perceive as space and time, with the universe in its entirety – including us - a holographic projection from their boundary.

Progressively, scientists are discovering the signature of the holographic principle at all scales of existence. For research across many areas of study is showing that underlying the diversity and apparent chaos of complex systems, such as weather patterns, is the fundamental coherence and harmony of the hologram.

Analyses of such phenomena - whether natural or man-made - as earthquakes, evolutionary and ecological systems, the dynamics of war and peace, economics and even the worldwide web reveal self-similar relationships holographically repeating at ever larger and smaller scales.

Let there be Light

The ancient sages perceived that the universe was created by cosmic light, which they well understood transcended the physical light they saw about them.
We now appreciate that visible light forms only a tiny span of frequencies of an entire electro-magnetic spectrum, which ranges from high frequency gamma and X-rays, through microwaves to radio waves and beyond.

But research is also beginning to reveal how the cosmic energies referred to by the ancients interface with and are primary to those measurable in the material world. Scientists now know that higher dimensions are required to explain Nature. And there are a number of characteristics of electro-magnetism that strongly suggest that a deeper understanding of its multi-dimensionality may offer us the key in perceiving how consciousness interacts with its physical manifestation as energy/matter.

For a holographic projection to create a three-dimensional hologram, the light source needs to be coherent. And for the holographic principle to create the physical world, the coherent intention and purpose of consciousness is required.

Such coherence is revealed in the exquisitely tuned conditions and order that were set at the very beginning of the universe. Enabling the ‘arrow’ of universal time to take flight, such innate order was crucial to the development of self-organisation and complexity of Nature – and the evolution of biological beings able to embody ever more awareness.

Beyond space and time

Let’s now explore one of the most intriguing aspects of quantum behaviour. Termed nonlocality this means that at the quantum level, two ‘twin’ particles are instantaneously connected and are effectively a single entity – even if separated by the entire universe.

Whilst scientists have confirmed the realities of quantum nonlocality, researchers investigating psi effects such as telepathy and remote viewing have revealed that the power of the human mind also acts nonlocally and thus beyond the confines of space and time.

There are now enormous volumes of experimental data verifying nonlocal phenomena. And their reality as an intrinsic aspect of human consciousness are now being recognised by a growing number of research departments in universities throughout the world, set up to understand how they work rather than trying to prove their existence.

The experiments prove that we are not only able to be aware of events on a nonlocal basis, but that we are also able to exert influence too – we are truly able to co-create our realities.

The investigation of such influence includes a wide range of ongoing research that utilise random number generators or RNGs. These are a type of randomly generated electronic coin-flippers that are used as the physical target for subjects to attempt to influence their outcome on a nonlocal basis.

Experiments carried out at Princeton University and elsewhere have not only shown conclusively the evidence for such influence, but have noted that the group influence of an intention to achieve the same outcome is significantly more powerful than acting alone.

Such collective influence has been studied since 1998, by the Global Consciousness Project, a collaboration of over seventy scientists around the world through our global reactions to major news events. For this, the researchers use electronic devices called Eggs, designed to produce random data able to be affected – as in RNG tests – by nonlocal influence. And overall, the accrued data so far in this ongoing project indicates a probability of less than one in a million that the measured correlation with global events is by chance.


Time and the three dimensions of space are woven together by light into a four-dimensional entity that physicists call spacetime. So the reality of nonlocality across space inevitably infers nonlocality throughout time too.

The reality of such temporal nonlocality is again well attested. One such experiment by researcher Dean Radin showed volunteers a series of randomly chosen images. Whilst some showed events that were emotionally graphic others depicted peaceful scenes.

The volunteers were connected to a device that measured the electrical conductivity of their skin, thus recording their unconscious reactions before, during and after seeing the images.

As expected, the randomly interspersed graphic images elicited a more powerful reaction. But what was unexpected was that the volunteers reacted before the image was shown. In other words on a level below their conscious awareness, their body was emotionally responding to what they were yet to see.

Such experiments confound our perception of reality. They confirm that the flow of time is illusory – as Einstein realised, it is a construct of our consciousness. And they also reveal that conscious intention flows from what we call the future to the present.

In the familiar hologram the light of a coherent beam is split and re-combined to form the holographic image. And in the holographic universe, it may be that the coherent intention of consciousness is essentially split and the beam we call the past and the future combine in the creative moment of the eternal Now.

Alone to All-One

As spiritual beings, our individual souls are droplets of the great ocean of consciousness. We are both a microcosm of the cosmic hologram and its entirety.

But for us to fully experience what it means to be human, it seems that the purpose of our ego-self – our human personality – has been to maintain an illusion of separation from the whole. Throughout the experiences of our human journey, we have thus been able to explore authentically the fundamental relationships of polarity and ultimately seek their resolution and balance.

Within the confines of spacetime, the illusory but apparent flow of time and the limiting nature of the speed of light enable our ego-self to make choices and experience the unfolding of their implications. But beyond the holographic boundary of the physical universe, the immediacy of nonlocal or cosmic perception enables us transpersonally and collectively to assimilate the totality of awareness.

We are not alone. And when the veil between our ego-self and our expanded awareness becomes thin, we know the truth that we are All-One.

For most of us our ego-mind has hitherto effectively blocked out such knowingness. But now, we are on the threshold of a major shift in consciousness, personally and collectively able to expand our awareness of who we really are beyond the confines of our ego.
We are now able to access newly available energies, through the energetic portal of what mystics are calling the “universal heart”. And activating this 8th chakra is progressively enabling us to see the whole-world with clarity and compassion

You are the Cosmos

Every atom from which you are formed has existed since the beginning of time. The energies and matter that make up your physical body have undertaken a journey of aeons to this point when you are able to embody the wholeness of your spiritual being in this grail of transformation.

These are momentous times. And as you expand your awareness into the 8th chakra of the universal heart, you are able to add your unique gifts as a conscious co-creator in a great leap forward - for our-self, for the entirety of our human family and for all the realms of Gaia, the living being who is our planetary home.

You are the Cosmos. You are both its creation and its co-creator. And Now is the time for you to re-member this and as you do so to become empowered in conscious and co-creative service to the highest purpose of your soul.

© Jude Currivan PhD 2007

Jude Currivan

Jude Currivan

Dr Jude Currivan PhD is an internationally well-known healer, scientist and Hay House author.

Based near Avebury, England, at the heart of the crop circle phenomenon Jude has researched consciousness, perennial wisdom and metaphysics since childhood.

She holds a PhD in Archaeology and a Masters Degree in Physics specializing in cosmology and quantum physics.

During a highly successful business career she obtained extensive experience in merging her intuitive gifts into a practical and well-grounded approach for managing organizational and cultural change. Her corporate career culminated in her being the Group Finance Director of two major international companies and to her being in the early 1990s the most senior business woman in Britain.

In 1996, Jude chose to take her work beyond the corporate world. She co-founded The Coachhouse, a holistic centre at Avebury and was the co-principal of The Earth School dedicated to the education of perennial wisdom teachings.

She is a master dowser (on the professional register of the British Society of Dowsers) and a healer and teacher at the College of Psychic Studies, London.

Jude has worked with the wisdom keepers of many traditions. She leads sacred journeys worldwide and since 2001, has led a series of pilgrimages around the world to Egypt, South Africa, China, Alaska, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Easter Island, Hawaii, Britain and Israel. The revelatory and transformational experiences of these journeys are the subject of her book The 13th Step (Hay House June 2007).

During the same period she completed her PhD thesis entitled Walking between Worlds, an exploration of ancient wisdom teachings, the landscape embodiment of cosmology and the connection between people, the Earth and the wider Cosmos.

Jude is also the author of The Wave, (O Books) and The 8th Chakra (Hay House) and the host of the internet MySpirit Radio show In-to-Greation. She is currently co-authoring a fourth book with Dr Ervin Laszlo entitled CosMos, for publication by Hay House in 2008.

In a well-grounded and accessible way, her work reconciles leading edge science, frontier research into consciousness and spiritual wisdom to explain and experience the universal principles of integral reality.

Jude works worldwide aiming to empower others, raise awareness and facilitate practical and sustainable harmony and wholeness on personal and collective levels. In addition to her writing and healing work she speaks regularly at international conferences, leads workshops and appears on US and UK television and radio.

To contact Jude, please call her on +44 (0)1793 739176, email or write to Willow Cottage, Withy Bed, Bushton, Wiltshire, SN4 7QD, UK