Exorcists and The Medium.

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Exorcists and The Medium.

Subtitle: Dave Wharmby investigates whether we need Exorcists – do ghostly presences need “removing”?

Whenever we hear the word “Exorcist”, our thoughts are usually directed to scenes from a horror film, and all the extremes found within. But what of the reality of Exorcists – is there one? Although this may not be common knowledge, Exorcists do exist and dedicate their lives to the belief they are actually removing negative (or even demonic) presences from people who are suffering from the actions of these presences. Some Exorcists act independently, and some perform the service from within Christian Churches. There are also those who conduct ‘rescues’, which aim to remove negative presences, but in a different way.

The History of Exorcism
Exorcism dates back centuries. The early methods of exorcism have efficacy and ethics that are questionable, for history shows that blood sacrifices were used to appease the so-called Demon or Spirit that was present, in times gone by. It is alleged that sometimes these sacrifices were that of an infant or a small child. As time progressed, so did the methodology of the church. These days every diocese has an Exorcist (C of E) and the Catholic Church also make provision for help, although exorcism is rarely performed. The Catholic Church state that no one person associated with the church can perform such a ritual (I quote from the Father John Hardon Archive’s):

“Understandably only Christ, acting through the Church, has the power to exorcise. The faculty to perform an exorcism is now restricted to ordained priests. Moreover, the priests must be outstanding in the virtues identified by the Code of Canon Law.”

If you actually take time to read up on the procedures of an exorcism it can, and often is, a very lengthy process. Despite that, it doesn’t always succeed. As a Medium, I have myself been involved in several cases where exorcism has been used and then I have been called in to ‘rescue’. Here are two of these cases …

Case One

We were called to a home of a family: a single father and three children. A Spirit person or persons had seemingly plagued the house in which the family lived for a number of years. The mother, who had lived in the house prior to us being called and who was obviously very aware of Spirit, often heard and saw inexplicable things occur. Of course, everyone thought she was perhaps a little insane, but she herself was convinced something was amiss.

It wasn’t until a couple of years later, when the children began having experiences of their own, that it was felt the church needed to be contacted to help. After a lengthy interview with the family, the Church appointed an Exorcist to attend. He also required a lengthy questioning session with the family. It was finally agreed that a presence was in the house and that the house needed to be cleansed of this malevolent being. A long ritual took place and the house was then left, supposedly free from Spirit presence.

The house did quieten down for many months after the exorcism, but the whole situation had proven too much of a strain on the marriage and the couple divorced, leaving the father and the children in the house.

A few more months elapsed and then the children and father began experiencing strange things. Strange noises would come from upstairs, footsteps and voices would also be heard, dark shadows would be seen moving around and objects were moved regularly. On one occasion, a neighbour saw not only the father leave the house, but a second figure. He described this figure as wearing very old-style clothing so he asked the father about the man, as he was curious. Needless to say, the father had no knowledge of who the figure was at all.

A close friend of the father had heard of my colleagues and I and knew that we worked with people having Spirit problems, so he asked if we might go to visit him.

As we entered the house, we felt a calming influence, but also felt an there was something else there too. As most of my team present on this occasion were mediums, we knew that the other ‘presence’ was residual energy. In this context, residual energy means that something or someone in Spirit had been present in the house quite recently. The family made us very welcome and we knew by talking to them they were level-headed and not inclined to flights of fancy or imagination, we were especially convinced by the way they described incidents that had happened.

We decided that we would return within a few days and see what, if anything, we would be able to do for this family. The day before we returned, I got a call from the father asking if we were still attending. He told me that since our first visit the house had become as he “uncannily quiet”. I wondered if this was a good sign or preparation for a tough Spiritual battle ahead, but I did not tell him of my misgivings.

The following evening I attended his house alongside another medium, my wife and a group member and it wasn’t too long before contact was made with the Spirits of the house. There were two Spirits, one male and one female, both of whom had both resided in the house some 70 years prior. Names were given and we were able to understand the only reason they kept visiting their old home was because of the purity of the children of our 21st century family, their innocence drew them back to here.

We explained to the Spirits what affect their presence had had on the family, and with love and understanding they agreed they would not return. Since our visit we have had feedback from the family, telling us how the house has once again come to life. The children are relaxed and far happier than ever before, and the father says it is “as though a heavy weight had been lifted off everyone’s shoulders”.

Case Two
This was a very different case for us, as it involved exorcism of a person, rather than a place. It seems that the exorcism that had been performed prior to our attendance had not helped the lady at all. This lady was obviously very much loved by her family, who were desperate to have the situation resolved. The exorcism she had undergone had been very traumatic, and the house had been exorcised as well.

A family from Africa had previously owned the house. The father of the family had used one of the bedrooms for religious reasons and was very dominating and strict, apparently. He had actually passed away in that very room, so it had been assumed that the lady in our case had been affected by the Spirit presence of this man. Many things had happened in this house: inexplicable and continued electrical problems; objects being thrown around and the lady herself feeling as though a large pair of hands were pushing, pulling or even holding her down.

These events had left this lady in a very fragile state of mind, so it was important to handle this case as carefully as possible. When we visited the home we picked up a distinct and strong residual energy of the former occupier, but we did not feel that he was actually ‘there’ in Spirit – the indications were that this was a possible poltergeist case. We agreed to return with a stronger team to investigate the house and the lady in question and within two weeks we returned.

The evening was cold and stormy and the energy within the house was very distinct this time. We could sense a male presence and it was very strong. The presence was that of the previous occupier and this was felt even more so in the bedroom he has used for worship. Contact was made with the man clairvoyantly. An argument ensued and he endeavoured to attack the lady. The Spirit Guides with whom we work were able to control the situation and the Spirit presence. Working in a manner of understanding and love toward this Spirit, we were able quite easily to move him over and cross him into the light. It was not an easy task but he eventually went willingly.

Exorcism or Rescue?

We often hear how in exorcism Latin words or terminology are used as it is felt this is a major and important part of procedures of the exorcism, and dates back to ancient time. I have asked Spirit about this and I have had them actually laugh about this. One Spirit spoke said: “I sat there listening and laughing as the priest rambled on over his bible, now I’d never spoken Latin never mind understood it, so I didn’t have the faintest idea what he was going on about”.

We have to remember that when we are speaking of Spirit, we are actually speaking of what was once a physical person, someone’s family member or relative that has moved from the physical state to a new state of being. They do retain their personality, so it’s not surprising that Latin wouldn’t be helpful that often. I’ve found that in most cases a simple explanation to the Spirit is all that is needed. An explanation of the state they now find themselves to be in and how it is important to cross over to ‘The Other Side’ whereby a reuniting can take place with other family members is a must. An aggressive approach to removing the Spirit rarely works.

Exorcism doubtless to many, has its place and will be of great comfort to those who follow the Christian faith (it is used in some other ‘major’ faiths too). However, I have found that ‘rescue’ is more often than not an answer to the troubles of both the householder that is plagued by Spirit, and the Spirit themselves. Taking the Spirit on to the afterlife where it is supposed to be is kind to all parties. Exorcism can be a shock to the Spirit and it is not so easy to determine what happens to them, should the exorcism be successful. Exorcism is, after all, a religious rite; whereas rescue works with all faiths and with none!

It is because of the importance of rescue that an event known as Parafest [The Universal Passing Over] is taking place. Countries around the globe on respective dates and times will join together to help Spirits cross over to the afterlife. By uniting our energy of Love toward such souls can and is helping them. The Universal Passing Over will next be held in 2008 around the World and it is so important as many as possible who do indeed have a sincere and genuine concern and love for Spirit be with us.

Further information of the next event can be found on www.parafest.info

Article Written by David Wharmby UK Medium and Trance Medium and Founding Organiser of Parafest / The Universal Passing Over.

David Wharmby

David Wharmby