The Children of Now

Last Updated: Thursday 27th December 2007

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We have been learning more and more over the last few years of the special children being born now. First came the Indigo children, then the crystal, the blue star and the rainbow children, all coming onto the earth to help humanity and Mother Earth’s Ascension into the fifth dimension.

This Winter Solstice time brought my own special gift of identical twin girls to anchor the twin flame energies and the Christ Michael energies onto the earth. Cerys and Megan arrived at 11.00am on the 21st December (21st being the last day of the fire sign Sagittarius), carrying the Blue Sapphire Ray and the Ruby Red Ray – The Christ Michael Energy. What an amazing gift I have received and I am overflowing with joy. I would like to share with you my story of their journey onto the Earth.

A few months ago I was sitting channelling with a friend and one of the twins came through to her. The twin said she was so excited and couldn’t wait to come to earth and that she had waited a long time. I could feel her energy bouncing around like a ball of light, and her excitement was so tangible. She also said she would be quite a challenge as there was so much work to do and so little time to do it in. Her frustration was that most of humanity was still asleep and she wanted everyone to wake up, and fast!

Because the twins were being born at an agreed date with the consultant, I wondered how this would work out astrologically as being the right time for their arrival. In the end I just put this up to the higher beings that everything would work out perfectly. I had looked at possible dates and suggested to my Son that 21st/22nd December would be good! His comment was that it would happen when the consultant could do it, full stop! When the time came the only day the consultant could perform the delivery in the week chosen for the birth was the Friday which just happened to be the 21st December – Winter Solstice!! How amazing is that! Isn’t it wonderful when a plan comes together!

On the Thursday afternoon I sat quietly and tuned into the twins. I had been talking to them all through the pregnancy telling them how much I loved them and how overjoyed we all were that they had chosen to come into our family.

As I sat quietly I was given the most beautiful vision I have ever had. I saw the descent of the souls into the earth plane. Mother Mary was holding both twins, one in each arm, and she was surrounded by a host of golden angels. There were so many angels, it was breathtakingly beautiful and the tears rolled down my face at the magnificence of what I was witnessing.

The twins were surrounded by Archangels, Golden Angels of the new Golden Eon, Guardian Angels and a host of angels and guides that will watch over them and work with them during their time on earth, as they endeavour to fulfil their soul purpose.

They came in close to their parents to be with them through the night and watch over the preparations for their birth the following day. The delivery room was full of medical staff, none of which could imagine all the angels, archangels and Mother Mary that were there also, surrounding the mother and father at this birth. Whilst they were first on the list for delivery that morning their arrival was delayed due to an emergency delivery and they finally arrived at – 11 being a master number!

I cannot wait to see how their lives unfold and discover the gifts they bring. What I do know is that they bring love and joy and hope to a world that is in great need of these energies. These two beautiful souls can and will make a difference to this world; I just know it.

Pauline Hadley

Pauline Hadley is an Angelic Reiki Master. For details of workshops and courses email or call 01562 885255

Pauline Hadley

Pauline Hadley

Pauline Hadley has worked in Sales Management for many years. She now combines her knowledge of the business environment with her creative skills in the field of energy medicine. Pauline is an Angelic Reiki Master and specialises in Angelic Reiki, Shamballa Healing and Teaching, Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation, Yoga, Qigong and Meditation and Past Life Regression.

Pauline has also used her extensive ability successfully in the field of sport where she was the Track and Field Team Manager of Birchfield Harriers Ladies Team for 10 years; Birchfield being the most successful Athletics Club in the U.K. She has worked with international athletes to enhance their performance, resolve problem areas and build self-esteem.

Pauline runs Yoga and Health workshops in the corporate and private sectors. She has a private practice in Worcestershire for one-to-one lifestyle consultations and treatments, and has used her healing and visualisation skills to help support the terminally ill in Hospice care.

Pauline is a gifted photographer specialising in capturing the angelic and elemental energies that abound in our natural world.

She works with the Ascended Masters, angelic and elemental kingdoms and through the Angelic Reiki system of healing connects people to one of the highest healing vibrations available on the planet today. These workshops offer a life-changing experience.

Helping people to explore the many pathways of the mind, restoring balance, peace and harmony to their lives is her goal.