A World of Peace or Sheer Nonsense

Last Updated: Saturday 5th January 2008

©Fran Wharmby

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We cannot escape the very fact that each and every day we seem to be no further forward in ever gaining a World of Peace, many believe we will destroy ourselves claiming the World has gone mad in fact so many state World Peace to be sheer nonsense.

Governments come together to form many different peace plans, treaty's and stipulations on how to achieve World Peace and to even say Mother Earth herself but still we sit and still we wait for an outcome just like generations before us and generations to come.
We even now hear how Religion has begun to sit up and take more notice over the state of our World and of those within trying as they may in some but small way to make a difference, but so many cry out ‘we've heard it all before'. and so no significant progress is made.

Each and every one housing good intentions a desire so they say to live in a better society, a better World, but little headway is ever made.

So is it ever going to be possible to see a World of Peace or is it just Sheer Nonsense?

To the many of you who now read this article, you as individuals are aware of the fact that behind the scenes a force of Good has been hard at work. Since the beginning of time when things went so very wrong there were those desiring to rectify the mistakes, desiring to bring about a unity, a harmony, a love that would lead to a Word of Peace, of course I speak of Spirit.
I do not speak of God like so many but of a Universal Force of Love and Light that is made up of the many that over decades have become a part of this Light, a place from where our loved ones, friends, family and colleagues can oversee us and see the World as it is and how it has become.

Spirit have spoken so many times to so many people declaring their sadness of our World, sadness of the legacy they left behind in their wake of a World so lacking in unity and Love for only now have they been able to further learn the fullest of truth from within the realms of Spirit and they are as eager as the myriads before to set in motion a restoration work to achieve what should have been.

Our World has though become into such a decline is it possible to find a way forward? Spirit say it is possible, but it will take more than just a government or religious plan it will take a whole new understanding of our world and of one another.
But we are not alone in our problems for even the Spirit guide Silver Birch spoke many times of problems within Spirit World and how many of the Lower Realms did not desire headway to be made, did not desire a World of Love and Unity and it is because of these realms that we here in the physical World are met with so much negativity in the work we do, but many of us still persevere for the greater good.

Through spoken words of Spirit we still see however how our progressive pathway leading to this goal is hindered by a true lack of understanding amongst the many who know of Spirit for and although the intentions are true and honest, it is though we are affected by a barrier, a barrier as has been described as one of Ego or Singularity a feeling that what they do is sufficient, but I ask of you is it really possible as an individual group or society to achieve Spirits goal?.

An excerpt taken from the diaries of an American Soldier fighting in Vietnam is none to dissimilar to how many of us are:

The platoon are gone, I’m the only left, I’m running out of ammo and I have to admit I’m scared as hell, there all round me and its only a matter of time, I’m sure before they get me, please God Help me find a way out.

The words of a man dedicated to what he believed to be right, fighting a cause in which he believed but seemed sheer nonsense in the light of it all.

So think my friends he was alone and he knew he would not stop the inevitable unless something major occurred, something that would alter his life course. Many of the groups within our World are very much like this soldier, fighting a losing battle in the long term, but and if the soldier had been able to rely upon the reserves being by his side, what a difference that may have made.
We too need to think about joining forces, for and again as Spirit state, ‘ Together we CAN make a difference’, so why don't we?

In the Autumn period or Fall of 2004 whilst sitting in a closed development circle a UK Trance Medium by the name of David Wharmby [my husband] myself and the other sitters present were visited by a Spirit person who introduced himself as Breen, he stated he was a messenger of the Higher Realms and he wished to speak to us.

He spoke as indeed have I of our World and its state, how through decades of time Spirit have continually carried this message to so many in the hope of someone gaining a true understanding in order to give aid in the way Spirit are asking. This message spoke clearly of a need of change to work together for the ultimate goal of Peace, Love and Harmony and how it was so important to unite together as one.

Indeed this message was a very powerful one, one that David felt was probably out of even his own reach, but with Meditation and guidance from Spirit he was shown a way forward and so the progress began. Supported by myself and our other circle sitters we began a long hard journey. We were told of the problems we would face, the negativity we would meet and why but for the Love of Spirit together we proceeded.

The journey we were embarking on was a journey of stages or stepping-stones, one to follow the other, rather like a jigsaw puzzle coming together, slowly but surely. Unity firstly was the key here, but a unity for a special task.

We were asked to spread this message far and wide, appealing for as many spiritually
aware to heed the calling being given and come together to firstly prepare for a World Spiritual Event.
This event the Universal Passover was designed by Spirit for a very special reason, it was asked that we looked hard at our physical realm and realise how that for many varying reasons, many souls had NOT as yet crossed into their respectful places and the time had now come to help send them home.
By a multitude of Spiritually Aware coming together in this manner, a gathering of likeminded people who have a genuine and sincere love of Spirit and of our World would create a Universal Beacon of Light, a Light so immense and Bright that a portal or bridge would be created thereby showing many a way forward.

We were also told that and at this time not all would cross, many would still have to wait because and as time in our realm passed by the message would reach many more and the more that gather the greater the energy and light that would be created, so it was told that in total four Universal Passovers would occur, the first in 2006, then again in 2008, 2012 an finally 2012.

These gatherings however were not to be held in one place but initially within four countries and the countries that heard the call of Spirit were the USA, Canada and New Zealand, but and as the message spread the growth would continue and in preparation of 2008 we now also have Australia and India and many more states within the USA have also united with us. The event in 2006 took place with many Spirit beings finally crossing to where they were meant to be so long ago. In fact one comment made to us only recently came from a visitor from Canada, she was here on her honeymoon and when she returned home she spoke to the Canadian Organizer and said ‘ I don't know exactly what took place or even truly understand it but I distinctly felt a difference within the energy of the UK, I knew many souls had now left, it felt wonderful’

“Together We Made A Difference “

So why has Spirit called for this Universal Passing Over, how can this work to the accomplishment of the ultimate goal?
Those who now unite and work together for Spirit in this calling are the stepping stones of a future, a future in which we can leave to our generations to follow, knowing that in time we left a more positive legacy behind. The purpose of the Universal Passing Over is that old souls may be reborn, reborn with a greater insight and knowledge of what is to be done, a greater connection to Spirit and indeed this has already begun.
Many children now being born are being recognized as Indigo Children, children who have these ability's, children who will follow in our footsteps of change, but in order to bring about this fulfillment Spirit need you.

You may recall earlier in the article I spoke of how Spirit foretold us we would be met with much negativity and allow me to share just a little of this. In mid 2006 and before the first event, the Church of England approached the venue from which the event was held and asked them to cancel it, stating it was against God and all of his teachings, but the venue owners remained unmoved, so the church then released a press article warning all TRUE Christians to stay away, for this event was an event of the anti Christ, well in all honesty although surprising to us we expected something, But the greatest surprise was when we learnt of how many people only work in the name of Spirit, how many use this aspect as a means of making money, for many saw a niche in the market and used it for their own purpose, many decried us for and as they said they didn't make any money from this event.

This event wasn’t created to line anyone's pockets as so many felt, but was brought together by Spirit for a significant cause. But our surprises went still further when the Spiritualist Church here within the UK chose not to become involved for and as the president spoke, Spirit haven't told us of this need, but surely through the Seven Principles the Church speaks of they could see the importance of this unity, for and as they say we are all of a family of Spirit.

As preparations for 2008 has now begun, still we are met with brick walls for and only of late did one of the USA Churches state ‘We will not be involved for we do NOT feel drawn to this’.

A Spiritual Event one of pure LOVE and concern for Spirit and for our World, an event that makes preparation toward the greater good surely cannot be anything but of Love and Light, pure positivity rather than negativity to which all should feel drawn.

So my dear friends it is to you we now appeal, find it in your hearts to hear this message Spirit are calling, show to others your true desire for Love and Unity and stand with us, join with us at the Universal Passing Over...

For Together We Can and WILL Make a Difference.

Fran Wharmby [UK Co Organizer]


David Wharmby

David Wharmby