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Last Updated: Sunday 13th January 2008

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Orbs gather during a seminar with presenter Joan Ocean

The Orbs first came to my attention during our what The Bleep Prophets Conference in Portland, Oregon, when the photographer we hired excitedly rushed up to me and said that the room was full of orbs. My off hand and somewhat skeptical response was something like, “sure, thanks a lot”. At the time I thought, “Orbs hu-huh. Maybe this guy is a little strange. Well, let’s get back to our no nonsense thinking about quantum physics and how we create our reality.”

The next time orbs came up was when we were delighting in an outdoor evening with our conference presenters at a golf club following our Bleep Vancouver conference. After enjoying a couple of glasses of good wine with our friends and as the evening turned into night, Dr. Miceal Ledwith, who was featured in the Bleep film, pulled out a camera and announced that there were orbs around us and he began to shoot pictures. Not knowing at the time, Miceal is probably the world’s leading researcher on orbs, but this incident didn’t register as significant until much later. It wasn’t the wine.

Following our Bleep series, we created our conference series on healing and health, Just For The Health Of It, and that is when we began to really take notice of the orbs and started asking some questions. At our last conference in the series, taking place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, the orbs became a constant presence and many of the delegates found that they could actually call them into manifestation. During the healing presentations of Judith Orloff, Eric Pearl, Donna Eden and her partner David Feinstein, and John Diamond the orbs were photographed in full room light around the delegates and presenters on stage.

Let’s go back a bit to the time when my partner Robin and I were preparing to move from Santa Fe, New Mexico to our home in Mallorca, Spain. We were saying goodbye to our neighbors and were telling them about the orbs, and in so doing decided to step outside and try taking some orb photos, and there they were, around us in profusion. After we moved into our place in Spain, which is a farm house over 500 years old, to our delight we once again photographed another orb profusion which continues around this mysterious old place to this day.

Most recently during the holidays we were visiting family in California and were telling our daughter about the orbs. We decided to take some photos outside her house and there they were. Over dinner, my borther, who had spent some time training in photography, told us that he had been seeing them regularly in his photos as well. But the thing we found most interesting was when our daughter got out old family albums and we found photos containing orbs. This prompted us to go back through our past conference pictures where we found a picture of me giving a lecture accompanied by orbs at our Great Rethinking Conference in the University of Oxford Union. This really started us digging and we found numerous pictures taken at our conferences over the years with many orbs.

All of this prompted us to create a conference about orbs, and we decided what better place could there be than Sedona , Arizona , certainly a mystical gathering place of power. Hence, Orbs: What Is Going On? Prophets Conference taking place May 4-6 at the Radisson Sedona Resort. Joining us are probably the very best people we could find to come to Sedona and give us their experiences, thoughts, feelings and insights into this amazing phenomenon: Dr. Alberto Villoldo, JZ Knight, Dr. Miceal Ledwith, Dr. Bill (William) Tiller, Dr. Klaus Heinemann, Martin Gray, and Joan Ocean. These exceptional people are taking us well beyond the explanations of so called debunkers who claim the orbs are photo flares, or dust, moisture or insects. These invalid and fully disproved explanations which seem to be fearful about anything out of their rationality boxes have been replaced with understndings that the orbs are in all probability forms of consciousness or spiritual interdimensional explication that manifest into something both benevolent and grand which we are now able to experience. We are now seeing the ships sitting off our spiritual coast as part of our expanding reality.

Ever since we announced our interest and curiosity in orbs and the orb conference, we have received hundreds of emails with orb pictures and a great many perspectives from all over the world, many of which will be shared at the conference.

I particularly like what Joan Ocean says, “Orbs are featured in films and professional photographs. We have seen them floating, flying, shining beautifully, subtly catching our eye. They remind us that there are invisible realms, beyond our linear perceptions which stimulate our vast, multidimensional sensing skills.”

For information about the Orbs: What Is Going On? Prophets Conference Sedona, May 4-6, go to the events link at www.greatmystery.org or call 1-888-777-5981. The tuition will be increasing February 1 for the Orbs Sedona Conference. Click here to enjoy the early registration fee.

by Cody Johnson
Permision granted by The Global Intelligencer, www.theglobalintelligencer.com

Cody Johnson

Permision granted by The Global Intelligencer