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New Frontiers
While we are remarkably advancing in technology there are still more unknowns than knowns in the field of consciousness science. The areas of neurological function (the study of nerves, the brain-stem and spinal cord), how cognitive processing occurs, the relationship between cognition and emotion, the functions of associations, memory, and meaning still hold many unanswered questions. In more recent years many notable developments are shedding some light on the evolution of consciousness science.

More and more the world view of brain science is shifting from a linear model to a non-linear model. (I use the word non-linear here because the concept of a systems model correlates more to the computer world and is not wholly accurate, I hesitate to use the word "wholistic" because it is not entirely accepted by the scientific community.)

What is clear and a matter of consensus is that there is a lot to learn. What a mental "fact" is, is very much based on a subjective arrangement of sense, perception, memory, desire, and thought structures. So, is it a fact or not? There are a lot of open spaces.

What is striking is that the majority of adults in business culture (particularly North American) have adopted the practice of linearity, sequential and logical planning processes, goals, and strategies. Even when a so-called systems model is embraced it is more often the relational model around which linear data-bases are formed. These practices waste brain power, heart power and passion.

There is MYSTERY here. Wonder. The dance of illusion on the map of a probable reality, ensconced on the tip of a butterfly's wing at the edge of a dream....

Yeah it really isn't the way it used to be; not nailed down...., sure we don't know if it will work but let's try it and see... it might.... and we'll learn; it'll be a whole lot more fulfilling than the old way.....

Quantum Physics
Before the quantum view of physics, the principles of cause and effect held the order of events. Clearly it was a sequential view, the product of a mind set that perceived the world as linear.

With quantum physics that's all changed. Quantum physics is the study of physical phenomena, primarily the "behavior" of matter and energy as measured by mathematical approaches. Although a rigorous hard science, quantum physics deals very much with supposition principles to determine quantum states, meaning at its' fringes it gets very mathematical about "iffyness". No-one has ever seen a quantum wave.

But since so much of our current worldview has evolved from scientific principles, developments in quantum physics are literally shaking this worldview apart.

Consider the observer effect (Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle). Multiple probabilities co-exist simultaneously and then "collapse" into a single event. An observer of the quantum system influences the probability of the outcome. Quantum waves are assumed to move both backwards and forwards in time.

Implications? Go figure.

If you want to read further in this area I suggest you take a look at the work of Fred Alan Wolf author of Taking the Quantum Leap. The Eagle's Quest, The Dreaming Universe, and The Spiritual Universe are excellent. What is most enlightening about Fred is that he extends himself into a subjective study of quantum physics which is beyond the purely objective view of many scientists.

For more information about consciousness science, visit Fred Alan Wolf. Intuitive Geniuses

Here are some of the historical bright stars that have been recognized for their creative insights. Of course let us remember mothers everywhere whose intuitive giftedness we recognize but rarely document.

Nikola Tesla - (1856-1943) Serbian American Inventor of alternating-current motors and generators. Tesla could visualize machines in such great detail before they were made he "knew" whether or not they would work and what improvements and modifications could be made. His flashes of insight were so compelling he could see the images as if laid out on the sidewalk before him.

Dmitri Mendeleev - Russian chemist who after laboriously working with the problem of chemical classification saw the Periodic Table of the Elements in a dream and wrote it down upon awakening. The dream image was accurate and complete with one minor correction.

Isaac Newton - (1642-1727) Grandfather of modern physics who had the power to hold a mental problem continuously in his mind with attentiveness until the solution was revealed. Then like most intuitives he would "dress" up what had been revealed through intuition in the acceptable format for presentation, in his case the language of mathematics.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - (1756-1791) Brilliant musician composer, child prodigy, could "hear" in his imagination entire musical scores as if in a lively dream. By the time he wrote them on paper they were completed pieces.


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By Arupa Tesolin

Arupa Tesolin

Arupa Tesolin

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