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The phrase “you have to speculate to accumulate” is one which will be important to you at this moment in time. You may be considering whether or not to place cash into something that needs an injection but are a bit worried at the same time in case the money runs short. If you go with your true gut feeling it should take you in the direction that’s right for you.


Sometimes you need to just accept that not everyone is like you, and that we are all entitled to have our opinions rightly or wrongly. You can’t be right all the time and if you were you would be questioning that as well. Turn your attention to other things that have to be looked at. The home is an area that you perhaps have been talking about for ages, now could be the ideal time to get started.


Extended family may cause some concern and you will be focused on how and what you can do to help them in there situation. To help a bit is alright but be careful that it does not then become an expected thing. Sometimes folk need to help themselves first, it’s important for there growth and development. Work pressure may also be mounting and you will want to make sure that one is sorted.


Even pipe dreams are fine so long as you either recognize them as such or do something about them. Mind you, when you put your mind to something you can be quite determined to get it done. Decide on what you want most, make a plan and then execute it. That way you will get the results you want. Learning to drive could also be a subject that is topical just now.


You can sometimes be your own worst enemy and cut off your nose…. it is actually alright to ask for help from others. After all you’re the one who might just preach those very words. It doesn’t make you any less of a person; in fact it makes you normal like everyone else. So, never mind the pride and instead be sensible about things, it makes more sense.


Time to investigate what you’re all about, you may want to know about the deeper side of you and what makes you tick and although this will take a lot of honesty it will be well worth it. You are shifting in your approach to things and that’s a positive thing to do even thought it means a little pain along the way. Mainly you’re a balanced soul who likes things grounded, but you also love a challenge.


Always the one to be that little bit different in how you handle things, and others sometimes can’t get there heads around what you’re all about. This is just the way you like it and if truth be told you even sometimes go out of your way to create the illusion. Mischief on legs and no mistake, it’s a case of they can take me as they find me or its there problem.


An over whelming sense of emotion is around you and it may be hard to shake. There doesn’t seem to be anything that you can point to and say it’s that but, you are in a state of what’s going on. My sense is that it’s just one of those times that will pass as quickly as it came and you will soon be back to normal. Just let it go and try not to hang onto it or it will drag you down.


You are not the type of person who likes to have to explain themselves but you may be asked to do just that this week. It feels like it relates to a work environment and there are others who just can’t grasp what’s what. You also don’t suffer fools gladly so this will not be an easy task for you given that you don’t really have anything to account for in the first place.


For the sake of sanity and peace sometimes you need to bite your tongue and say nothing. In the long run least said soonest mended. Anyway, your efforts will be better placed on your own needs and especially in a career sense. You have to put all your attention on that for the time being to achieve what you want. Why work so hard on something then abandon it?


Investigation is your middle name and you will be on the trail of something that looks interesting however, be careful not to over step the mark and get yourself into something you could do without. If you really need to be in spy mode then act accordingly and make sure that you are not found out. Now, back to real life, there are work areas that you have to pay attention to so don’t lose sight of that.


Friends and family will be supporting you in a venture that you have given your time to and they will be as proud as punch. You have come a long way and it’s not been easy, however now is the time when you will be reaping the benefits and you can begin to take life a bit easy. An interesting opportunity also comes along in regard to travel but it will take some juggling.

Joan Charles

Joan Charles

For the past 25 years I have worked in both public and private sectors providing intuitive and personal development. I was previously the Sunday Post columnist providing the weekly star signs and psychic post bag and am a regular contributor to the media on the subject, working with various magazines and newspapers.

I have also worked in theatres in the UK providing psychic and spiritual demonstrations to the public.

My background in alternative health, and includes therapies such as Aromatherapy, Psychotherapy,
Cognitive therapy, Reiki and EFT. When working with my clients I utilize and draw on my skills and expertise to provide them with the best positive outcome for there well being.

My clients come from all walks of life, from business and professional areas, to anyone who has reached
a point in there life where they need some form of help in finding the way forward that�s right for them.

There is something for everyone on the list of services from the person who needs to just chill out and
relax, to the client who has some deep issues physical or emotional. To those who want to tap into the psychic or spiritual realms to see what lies before them. It can be as intense as is necessary or simple just for pleasure. The most important thing is that it is right for you.

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