The 13th Gate is going to Be Opened

Last Updated: Monday 11th February 2008


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We are the crystal skulls and we bring you a message today about the 13th gate and the 13th skull.

First we would like to tell you that those looking for the 13th skull will be disappointed. It is not time for the 13th skull to be found yet. But even though the 13th skull is on hiding right now, it will start working with your planet and the people upon it.

The 13th gate will be opened on a special day for our channel.
February 20, 2008.
The initiation into the 13th gate will start soon after this.
What does this mean for you and your planet?
The opening of the physical 13th gate is near as well. This is a very important part of your earthʼs process.
The opening of the physical gate will be done by the Seven Sisters at the physical location itself.
The 13th gate is the completion of a process very important to your ascension into the 5th dimension.
This is where you physical and spiritual bodies connect in a conscious awareness. The energies in the 13th
gate and beyond are much faster then where you are right now.

Itʼs like a different time zone as you might say.You have noticed how the perception of time is changing
on your planet earth. This is not just your perception, time is actually changing more and more while your
planet is getting closer to point zero. Time in the 13th gate and beyond works in a different way.
Your planet has a linear time, but the 13th gate has time going in all directions, backwards and forward.

Just imagine the possibilities of this in your ascension process. Imagine how much more you can learn this way.
How much more insight in your own process this makes possible.

Now we understand and know the feelings of those wanting to go through this gate, and everyone eventually
will. Many of you have already gone through many of the gates in previous lifetimes.
All we ask of you is before going through the 13th gate is to be prepared. This is why we ask you to at least
enter through gate 10, 11 and 12 in a conscious way in this life time.

We can give you many reasons for this, the most important one being the change in time and energies.
This gate has been closed for a very long time, and even when it was open only a handful of people that are
upon your planet at this time have actually gone through it the right way.
Many have tried while they were not ready.
Many have tried for reasons of power.
Many have failed.

We are in a very special time right now and initiates are being guided all the way into and beyond the 13th
gate. The 13th gate itself is under protection of one of the 24 ancient ones at this time. Once inside the 24 ancients
are teaching and guiding the initiates.

The process of getting used to and being able to work in and with the energies of the 13th gate can take several
months or longer. This process might be a bit faster when you go through all 12 gates consciously, but if you feel
ready we think going through the last three gates consciously should be sufficient.

Each of you has your own symbol for entering the 13th gate, this symbol is already embedded in your DNA and will be activated when the time is there.

This completes our message.

Until next time.

The Crystal Skulls.

Love and Light

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