Enlightenment Spa Programme

General Motors, Oracle, Disney and Hilton have all developed or utilised Intuition to give them a leadership edge from Goal Setting to critical decision-making. The question is; do you wish to develop the resources you already have in these times?

You can soon unblock your limitations and empower your highest potential through a unique set of programmes which have been specifically designed to help you to tap into the deepest realms of your subconscious and to enable you to exercise your intuition. These amazing programmes utilise Intuition, Art and Creativity as well as many other tools designed to take your awareness to a higher level enabling positive and empowering results.

The programmes are delivered in sacred and unique places depending on the numbers.

Program 1: Leadership Package

Tier's 1-3 are ideal for the corporate away day strategy meeting or to compliment accelerated learning in a deeper and more powerful way. Alternatively, you can experience any of them as an individual programme.

You select the venue I provide the programme.

Tier 1: Intuitive Leadership Programme

Being a true leader means staying abreast of the competition and being prepared to take a risk. Developing your intuition should be a skill that is a natural part of your tool kit and is a sharp internal compass that leads you in the correct direction. At this level you will no doubt have some intuitive traits however; to polish them can only be an additional bonus.

As a leader you may be looking at new areas to engage your intuition in to assist you, such as;

  • The decision making process
  • Identifying solutions
  • Futurology and visioning
  • Goal setting or manifestation

All of these areas and many more will be looked at and sharpened to enable the individual to utilise this skill and put it to work for their own growth as well as the companies.

Tier 2: Intuitive Leadership Masterclass

This programme is for those individuals who already have a heightened sense of intuition but who want to take it further, above and beyond the normal intuitive insight into the deeper realms of just what Intuition can really provide.

This masterclass will provide you with the tools and techniques to enable you to engage intuition like the flick of a switch.

Tier 3: 1 to 1, Deep Insight

A Personal one day sessions to hone in and streamline intuition for those who want to keep it in a private arena or for those who want to explore it more and feel that a 1-2- 1 would provide more intensive guidance.

Package 3: Coach, Therapist & Healers

Intuitive Coaching

Are you looking for something different as a coach? Then this could be for you.

Being a coach is so rewarding and yet it can be a lonely journey, we are there to assist others with their progression which is absolutely wonderful and that is how it should be but, who is there for you when you need some help or guidance? As a coach for other coaches I am a little different and here's why;

Apart from the fact that I have been a coach myself for as long as I can remember I work in a totally different way to any coach I know. My background in coaching along with Intuition with individuals, companies and teams has provided me with the foundations in which to establish a new way ahead.

Intuition is my area of expertise and I am frequently asked by the media to comment and assist them in this area also, having worked in the public and private sectors I feel that it is now the time to take what I have to the coaches who do all the great work and give them something just for them.

What I provide to the Coach, Therapist & Healers

a) Assist you in finding your own journey forward whilst developing yourselves
b) Provide techniques that allow you to tap into your clients in a unique and different way, providing insight at a deep level that you perhaps could not fully see, enabling you to help the client get to the core issues.
c) Assist you in developing Intuitive coaching, developing yourselves as well as your clients.
d) Assist you in planning a new and diverse workshop or coaching session that makes you stand out from the ordinary coach.
e) Provide a safe space for you to open up and unload baggage while also giving you some techniques to support your coping methods.
f) Assist you in the deeper understanding of the symbolic language that speaks volumes
g) Could you imagine attaining insight from a signature or a picture and this being an amazing coaching tool? Well in fact it is and what's more it's easy for you to learn.

Package 4: Intuitive Consultancy

It’s not easy being at the top of the tree and feeling that all the burden of responsibility is on your shoulders, a tall order by any standards. Just imagine if you had someone you could bounce ideas and projects off of or to assist you with where things are with the company. Having an intuitive that had deeper insight into the process which enabled you to see it clearer could only be of additional benefit.

In the near future all top executives / companies will, I feel, have their own Deanna Troi on their Holodeck to assist their journey. The question is, are you bold enough to take the helm and lead the way?

Consultancy is provided on a specially tailor program to suit the needs of the individual / company

Package 5: Intuitive Mind Mapping

You may have, in your career tried the normal method of mind mapping as it has become so popular over the last few years. However, you will probably not have tried it in this way.
In the mind mapping process I use a serious of symbols that allow me to tap into the greater depth of the issue which in turn provide a number of keys to the underlying problem.
By looking at in this way I am then able to provide a number of solutions which could assist as well as provide results for you to take forward.

Each intuitive mind mapping situation is assessed on its individual needs and time.

Package 6: Intuitive Signature, Doodle and Picture Analysis

Every doodle, picture and signature tells its own story, a story of the person and what makes them tick. Using my intuition I can provide analysis which involves information about the character, work, leisure, family and much more. Having done this for a number of magazines over the years I have had amazing feedback from individuals who can't believe the information I have provided.

  • This could be a wonderful original gift for someone
  • For an event, as that something different
  • Or simply just for fun.
  • Or, maybe it is something you would like to learn yourself?.
  • As a business tool, this is something I have taught in areas such as Recruitment.

Health / Stress Management

Emotional Freedom Therapy [EFT]

EFT is taking the world by storm, it has had so many success stories that even I wonder if there is anything else to write about it.

It was the brain child of American Gary Craig who discovered and adapted it while working with Dr Roger Callaghan as a student. At that time Callaghan had put together and delivered it as Thought Field Therapy [TFT] following many painstaking years in search of something that would have an instant result on his clients.

It works on two principles, firstly, meridian energy pathways in the body which are said to hold negative blocks and disturbed energy relating to various issues in our life. It works on the principle of Acupuncture with no needles where tapping is applied to the meridian energy points on the face and hands, by tapping on various points along these pathways; this creates a release of the problem for the client.

Secondly working on reverse psychology, as the client accepts there issue the energy is released and with it the problem. At this point the energy can now flow freely as it was intended to and client can resume a more normal state.

It is initially hard for the client to accept that the condition they arrived with has either diminished or in many cases gone completely. The therapy has been clinically tested and reported to have an 80 % - 90% success rate for clients.

Sessions normally take around 1 hour, apart from the first one where there is a consultation to begin with.

Interesting Projects;

Doodle Discoveries, The Drum Magazine,
Analysis of Patient / Celebrity doodle's for The Walton centre for Neurology and Brain Surgery, for Brain Awareness week.
Intuitive Analysis of Robert Burns works, for the 250th anniversary of Burns’ birth this year and Homecoming celebrations, for The National Trust for Scotland. Aparently, this is the first time his work has been analysed.

For more information on any of the above services please contact Joan Charles at;

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I have worked with Joan both as a partner and as a client over 5 or 6 years and she has become a trusted supplier and a close personal friend. Joan is one of the very few people I would trust with my life and I thoroughly recommend her to any business who is looking for personal and team development. October 28, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

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