• Tarot ; This is an ancient oracle which is full of symbolism and hidden messages. It is a guidance tools for your life to assist you with pointing out what lies ahead and to enable you to see the underlying issues. However, whatever decisions you take in your life, are yours and yours alone.
  • Spiritual ; This is more for those who may want help with spiritual guidance or perhaps if you have lost someone close and need to have some understanding about them and their passing.
  • Angel ; This reading provided more information on what the reasons are behind what is happening at a deeper level then what lies ahead.

 The above take half an hour


  • Tarumenology ; A combination of Numerology and the Tarot, which is more in-depth than the Tarot itself
  • Astro Cycle ; This focuses on the near future and what lies ahead and what it holds for you using, the Tarot and the astrological houses.
  • Doodle Analysis ; A simple doodle can say a lot about the person. It is fun and very different to the normal run of the mill readings. Every doodle, picture and signature tells its own story, a story of the person and what makes them tick. Using my intuition I can provide analysis which involves information about the character, work, leisure, family and much more. Having done this for a number of magazines over the years I have had amazing feedback from individuals who can't believe the information I have provided.

The above take 1 hr



  • These could make a wonderful original gift for someone
  • For an event, as that something different
  • Or simply just for fun.
  • Or, maybe it is something you would like to learn yourself?.
  • Doodles can be used as a business tool, this is something I have taught in areas such as Recruitment.

The above are for entertainment purposes only.


‘Sporting Widows’

Intuitive Life journey

Do you have a partner who has a hobby that leaves you feeling left alone with nothing to do? Well, this package could change all of that for you. This program will assist you in tapping into your intuitive potential. On a  journey of discovery where you will find out if you are an; Intuitive, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, or Healer whilst working with a unique set of tools to enable you to tap into your inner guidance and energy. You will be amazed at what you can actually achieve, given the correct guidance to develop your inner and untapped gifts.

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